James Wan to Produce Remake of Korean Zombie Movie Train to Busan

James Wan is set to produce a remake of the acclaimed Korean zombie movie Train to Busan. The famous horror filmmaker, best known for his expanded horror universe building off of 2013 film The Conjuring, has been taking on many producing projects as of late, and Train to Busan has now been added to the list as the next horror film that he'll help bring to the big screen.

Train to Busan was a popular South Korean horror movie released in 2016, and directed by Yeon Sang-Ho. The film follows a group of people on a train who must fight to survive when there is a zombie virus outbreak inside of the train itself. Considered by many to be one of the best films of that year, Train to Busan was extremely popular in Asian markets, but flew relatively under the radar in the United States, even despite its critical buzz and international fame. Now, horror fans in America will get their own version of Yeon Sang-Ho’s zombie story, as Wan is set to produce a remake for Hollywood.

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The news first came from Deadline on Tuesday, which reported that Wan will produce, with Gary Dauberman (It, Annabelle) writing the remake’s screenplay. Many studios were scrambling to land the acquisition rights to the film, since it’s already anticipated to be a hit. As of Tuesday afternoon, New Line Cinema ended up winning out as the home for Wan’s Train to Busan remake.

Train to Busan zombie horror

Wan and Dauberman have collaborated numerous times in the past, and have worked to build Wan’s Conjuring franchise over several different films. Dauberman wrote the scripts for Annabelle, Annabelle: Creation, and The Nun, and is also set to write and direct the third upcoming Annabelle film. While a director for Wan’s remake of Train to Busan has not been announced yet, some are speculating Dauberman himself will direct, because of his long history with Wan. Considering their past work together, the two seem to be a fitting pair to bring a remake of Train to Busan to American movie theaters.

Wan has been extremely busy this year with producing projects, as well as prepping for the December release of his DCEU film Aquaman. Last week, it was announced that he was producing a feature-length adaptation of the popular horror short film, Milk. The filmmaker is also currently producing an adaptation of Stephen King’s famous novel The Tommyknockers. Wan is working hard to build his filmmaking brand, and fans of the horror genre will reap the benefits of his efforts once all of these projects hit the big screen.

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Source: Deadline

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