Everything We Know About Train To Busan 2

Train To Busan 2 is happening in 2020, so here’s everything we know about highly anticipated zombie sequel. The original Train To Busan was something of a breath of fresh (or putrid) air in the overcrowded zombie genre. Zombies have been somewhat overexposed in recent years due to endless movies, TV shows, and video games, but very few of these stories offer a fresh take on the genre.

Korean horror Train To Busan, on the other hand, featured a great cast of characters and mixed intense action with grisly scenes of horror. The story finds a sudden zombie outbreak sweeping South Korea, with the passengers onboard a speeding train to Busan struggling to stay alive as the undead hordes relentlessly attack. Train To Busan’s fast-moving undead made zombies genuinely frightening again, yet it was the human relationships that really made audiences connect with the film. Director Yeon Sang-ho also made the movie's acclaimed animated prequel Seoul Station.

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The movie was unexpected hit so it didn’t take long for Train To Busan 2 to be greenlit. Here’s everything we know about the sequel thus far.

Train To Busan 2 Is On Track For A 2020 Release Date

Train To Busan Zombie

While a solid release date for Train To Busan 2 has yet to be confirmed, the movie is expected to arrive in 2020. Yeon Sang-ho will return to direct and pen the script, with the follow-up being larger in scope than the relatively confined original. The director’s last update on the project in late 2018 revealed he was still working on the screenplay and expected the movie to be filming in 2019. He also revealed there are currently no plans for a companion anime piece like Seoul Station.

Train To Busan 2’s Story Could Involve The Search For A Zombie Cure

Train to Busan zombie horror

Yeon Sang-ho revealed the working title for Train To Busan 2 is Bando, which translates to Peninsula, which in itself is a hint about the sequel's wider scope. While the plot has yet to be revealed, it will reportedly deal with a new cast of characters searching for a cure while the zombie outbreak continues to ravage South Korea. While this plotline is vaguely reminiscent of Brad Pitt’s 2013 blockbuster World War Z, Train To Busan 2 will no doubt find its own unique spin on the concept.

Train To Busan 2 May Feature A Returning Cameo

Train To Busan Gong Yo

Actor Song Joong Ki has also been cast as Train To Busan 2’s new lead character. Given his fate in the first movie, it’s probably not a surprise original actor Gong Yoo won’t be the lead this time. That said, reports suggest he will make some kind of cameo in the sequel. Again, given the events of Train To Busan, he will likely reappear as a zombie.

Train To Busan 2 Doesn’t Have A Trailer Yet

Train To Busan 2 Zombie Hordes

It doesn’t appear that Train To Busan 2 has started filming yet, so the sequel doesn’t have a trailer. The original movie became something of a surprise hit worldwide, grossing $85 million overseas on a modest $8.5 million budget. Given the critical and financial success that greeted Train To Busan, it seems the sequel is being pitched as a full-on blockbuster, which the eventual trailer will no doubt emphasize. Hopefully, the sequel won’t sacrifice the rich characterization found in the first movie for the sake of bigger setpieces.

James Wan Is Producing A Train To Busan Remake

It was confirmed in late 2018 Aquaman director James Wan would be producing a Train To Busan remake, with Gary Dauberman writing. Dauberman is the screenwriter behind IT and IT: Chapter 2 and directed Annabelle 3. In addition to his success as a director of blockbuster films, Wan has a steady career as the producer on horror franchises like The Conjuring universe. He’s also producing a horror spinoff of Aquaman focused on the creatures from The Trench.

He and Dauberman are a perfect team to bring Train To Busan to a new audience, and hopefully, their remake will expose more viewers to the original and Train To Busan 2 also.

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