Full Trailer For 'Year One' With Jack Black & Michael Cera

If you're an avid reader of Screen Rant (which all of us here hope that you are), then you might not be all that familiar with the upcoming comedy starring Jack Black and Michael Cera called Year One (since we haven't covered it up until this point). But just to let you know, the film is set in, that's right, you guessed it, the year one.

Black and Cera play a couple of lazy hunter-gatherers who after being exhiled from their village, set out on an epic journey through the ancient world.

It's got a fantastic premise that I'm surprised hasn't been used more (if at all - correct me if I'm wrong but I can't think of any film that's set when this one is). It stars Black who when he takes the right roles is hilarious, and Cera who's "loveable and awkward teen" schtick is getting a bit tired with me, but who has the potential to break out and become a truly great modern comedy movie star. And to top it off it's directed and co-written by Harold "Ghostbusters and Groundhog Day" Ramis.

About six weeks ago we got our first look at a teaser for Year One, but it was more just a collection of short scenes than a proper trailer. Now, we finally get a proper, complete look at it with the full trailer:

This project had me immediately interested when the combination of Ramis, Black and Cera was announced. For some reason that trio combination struck me as if it will work very well, and by the looks of this trailer it does. It looks like they've got a good balance of showing us enough to spark interest, but at the same time not showing us too much as to spoil all the best laughs.

This also strikes me as a film which will make a decent amount of money at the box office. No doubt they're going to advertise the hell out of the fact that it stars Black and "Juno star" Michael Cera, and it's also a prime example of one of those films people will just turn up at the theater on a Friday or Saturday night and decide to see on a whim.

This just made it's way firmly onto my comedy movie radar for 2009.

But what do you make of the trailer? Are you liking the look of what this is all about or is it just not your cup of tea?

Year One is scheduled for a 19th of June 2009 release.

Source: Yahoo!

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