Trailer for SyFy's 'The Phantom'

A week after the release of SyFy's Riverworld trailer, we get to take a look at another SyFy original miniseries event; an adaptation of the Lee Falk comic, The Phantom.

The film, based on the comic, tells the story of Kit Walker, the 21st Phantom, played by Ryan Carnes (General Hospital, Desperate Housewives), with Isabella Rossellini (Blue Velvet, Alias) as the villain, Lithia. Cameron Goodman (Wild 'N Out) will star as Walker's love interest, Renny and Sandrine Holt (The L World) as the Phantom's trusted friend and advisor, Guran.

Fans of the series hoping to get a glimpse of Phantom villian, Rama Singh, will be out of luck as they've "reimagined" the Singh Brotherhood leader as Rhatib Singh. No information has been released on whether Rhatib is representing the character Rama for the film or if he's a relative.

Producers, RHI Entertainment, have provided the following synopsis:

The legendary superhero returns in this modern-day and action packed miniseries event. When Kit Walker (Ryan Carnes) learns of his father's death, the adventurous young man inherits the mantle of his superhero father. As the new Phantom, the 21st in the Walker line, Kit vows to uphold and honor his ancestors' creed-to fight crime and injustice throughout the world.

Check out the trailer for SyFy's The Phantom below.

For those interested on what the suit will look like, SyFy has strayed away from the original purple and black spandex favoring the kind of look that Smallville has chosen for the Green Arrow. With character designs provided (see below), the Phantom seems less of a superhero and more of someone looking to play street hockey.

While I've never been a fan of the way the previous Phantom adaptations (on film or television) have been executed, I have always been interested in the story and mythos of the character. Sadly, from what I've seen of this adaption, it doesn't appear that my mind will be changed. Even though I'm a fan of comic book/superhero movies, I firmly believe that there are some characters (The Phantom included) that are either impossible or incredibly hard to bring to the big, or small, screen and make it an enjoyable experience.

The Phantom will appear on SyFy in 2010 as a two-night, four-hour event.

Source: YouTube [via MTV]

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