New Trailer & Stills for 'The Tournament'

Once again, while US distributors race around beating each other up and pee their pants to bring audiences the latest lame movie idea, independent studios overseas are putting together some really interesting movies. Though it seems no studio or distributor is willing to take a chance with many of them in the US. It's a shame really, because there are some really cool movies coming out that I personally would like to see: Black Death, Solomon Kane, and now, The Tournament.

Today we have for you the trailer and several new images for the Scott Mann-directed action movie. Check them out after the jump.

Directed by Scott Mann of Mann Made Films, co-written by Jonathan Frank and Nick Rowntree, The Tournament looks to be a fun, action-packed thriller about a group of thirty top-notch assassins that converge on a different unsuspecting town every seven years to hold a "last man standing" style contest. In this case, all the losers die and the winner receives ten million dollars. While they battle, a group of men with more money to waste the than the US government, hold bets on anything that happens ala Rat Race.

The film stars Ving Rhames (Mission Impossible movies), Ian Somerhalder (Lost), Robert Carlyle (Stargate Universe, 28 Weeks Later), Kelly Hu and Scott Adkins. Watch end enjoy:

This trailer for The Tournament looks sharp and interesting, and it doesn't give away more than is necessary to get the overall point across. I see some new and original shoot out ideas mixed in here, and I like them. My favorite one is when the guy being pushed by the car but you'll see.

I like the premise behind The Tournament, and I'm always a fan of Kelly Hu regardless of the film she is in. I hope a US distributor will pick this up and bring it to a larger audience. I mean, we got to watch Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever so why not The Tournament? We also have some nice movie stills for you to look at. Check them out below [Click to Enlarge].

What do you think about The Tournament? Does it look like a movie you would like to see in American theaters or are you happy just to rent it on DVD/Blu-Ray?

The Tournament screened at Cannes back in May and will open in the UK later this year.

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