10 Things That Make No Sense About Trailer Park Boys

Over the past decade, the distinctly Canadian cult comedy Trailer Park Boys ballooned into mainstream popularity, thanks in no small part to finding its way onto Netflix. Central to its appeal are the wildly nonsensical dynamics and running gags between the residents of the greasiest trailer park in Nova Scotia, Sunnyvale. In fact, it might be a little easier to put together a list of things that actually do make sense when it comes to Trailer Park Boys.

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Sure, no-one really watches Trailer Park Boys for its airtight writing. They're there to see Randy's gut and to pick up some conventional wisdom from Ricky. But even with Sunnyvale being totally mired in situations and personalities that don't make any sort of reasonable sense, some stand out as particularly ridiculous, which is what brings us here today. Below you'll find ten gre-e-easy things that make the absolute least amount of sense when it comes to Trailer Park Boys.

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10 The Guns & Gunfights

Ricky, Julian and Bubbles seem to have a pretty vast armory of firearms at their disposal at any given time, with little explanation offered as to how they actually manage to get their hands on them - especially as convicted felons. But even then, it can be assumed that they have their ways.

What makes even less sense is the fact that it's a rare occurrence that anyone actually gets hurt during their ludicrously over-the-top gun fights. Even when everyone involved is standing in a narrow hallway, the combatants always seem to walk away unscathed. Unless it's Ricky getting shot by his daughter, anyway.

9 Jail Sounds Pretty Awesome

Jail's not a place that anyone wants to be. You're locked up in a cell alongside potentially violent criminals, fed the worst quality food that they can get away with feeding you, deprived of access to most creature comforts, and chances are, the time you don't spend scared beyond your wits, you'll be bored out of your mind.

But according to Ricky and Julian, it may as well be summer camp. The boys don't seem to mind it too much, seeing it as three square meals a day, a manageable schedule and good times spent hanging out with their friends.

8 Bubbles' Shopping Cart Racket

Bubbles is probably the most beloved character in Trailer Park Boys, from his ridiculously oversized glasses to his undying love for his herd of cats. But his inclination towards stealing shopping carts for profit makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

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Bubbles makes a few quick bucks by stealing shopping carts from one mall and selling them to the other, and then stealing them again to sell them to the original mall. The idea that these malls would actually pay him for shopping carts, much less fail to catch on to him, is too much to believe.

7 Cats Guarding Pot Plants

Ricky's not a man predisposed towards conventional learning, but if there's one thing he's most definitely good at, it's growing dope. Everyone in Sunnyvale and beyond knows to go to Ricky for the finest pot Canada's ever seen. The man's practically a genius in that regard.

Why is he constantly stealing Bubbles' kitties to guard his crops? They're not only unlikely to ward off intruders, but on more than on occasion, they've damaged the plants more than any pests they'd potentially keep at bay. He may have a solid green thumb at his disposal, but security is obviously not his specialty. Channeling the wise words of Bubbles himself, "A dope trailer is no place for a kitty."

6 Randy & Lucy's Baby

Much to the shock of anyone familiar with the two, Randy and Lucy actually managed to conceive a baby while Ricky and Ray were locked away in the drunk tank. Beyond the obvious questions that raises on its lonesome, the more pressing issue is the baby's disappearance after season seven.

The baby's whereabouts went unknown until TPB's official Facebook page decided to address it by saying that the baby had "gone away to live with relatives" to keep him away from Randy's negative influence. A different spin is provided during Season Ten, with Randy revealing that the baby was given up for adoption. So, what actually happened to Baby Randy?

5 Randy's Cheeseburger Addiction

A source of endless amusement throughout the entirety of the series, Randy's drug-like addiction to cheeseburgers has been a running gag that's lasted throughout the show's entirety. He's definitely got the gut to prove it.

He's known to keep a considerable stash on hand, which he guards jealously, and he'll go to great lengths in order to pack another one into his famously grease-slicked belly. Being well aware of this, Sunnyvale's residents have used them as a bargaining chip with him multiple times. But why cheeseburgers, exactly? It's hilarious enough, to be sure, but a sort of cheeseburger origin story seems like a woefully untapped comedic nugget.

4 Sexy, Sexy Julian

Julian's personal magnetism has probably gotten him into just as many problematic situations as it's gotten him out of. This is particularly true when it comes to Jim Lahey's unexplained and consistent infatuation with the musclebound con artist.

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But why Julian, specifically? He almost always manages to talk himself out of tight circumstances, entice others to do his bidding, and woo a veritable harem of ladies over the course of the series. All of this despite his well known reputation as a criminal and con-artist.

3 What Happened To Treena?

Treena is the daughter of Jim Lahey and his estranged wife, best known as Barb. Introduced during Season Two, it's explained that she visits Jim every summer, although she's apparently not acquainted with Julian or Ricky - which is a bit strange in and of itself, given Jim's fascination with them.

After Season Two, Treena disappears from the series, never to be heard from again. Her absence is never really addressed in the context of the show, but given that she was played by the now world-renowned Ellen Page, it's pretty safe to assume that there were scheduling conflicts as her career gained momentum. Speaking of which, talk about a glow up!

2 Ricky's Magical Ability To Deal With Cops

Despite Ricky's total lack of a decent education, he's certainly got a few uncanny skills at his disposal. It's mentioned that he knows a fair bit when it comes to auto mechanics, and he can obviously grow a mean crop of marijuana. But the most mysterious of his skills is the ability to talk his way around a cop.

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Described as the ability to deploy a sort of verbal "smoke bomb," one hilarious example is that he'll just start babbling about a non-existent person named "Jim." That's literally it. He just starts asking the cop that's holding them up if he knows someone named "Jim," and everything else comes off of the cuff. Why or how it works so often is anyone's guess.

1 Julian's Ever-Present Rum And Coke

Anyone familiar with the show will know that Julian somehow always manages to have a rum and coke in-hand. The glass never seems to be empty, and manages to pop up even when there's no rum nor Coke to be had to replenish its contents.

It might even be asserted that there's something purely magical when it comes to Julian's omnipresent drink of choice. No matter what he does, it never seems to spill. The man even manages to walk away from a car crash with his drink undisturbed.

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