Trailer Park Boys: 5 Storylines That Were Never Resolved & 5 That The Animated Series Wraps Up

Trailer Park Boys is a rare success in the "Low budget shows about Canadian trailer parks" category. The show has tons of fans across the globe who have faithfully watched every season of the live-action show, the movies, and now the animated series too. At the end of the last live-action season, there were still quite a lot of loose ends left.

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It's natural that any show over 10 seasons long will have a few storylines that never get resolved. Trailer Park Boys is no exception. From unresolved arcs to long-forgotten characters, the show has its fair share of unfinished business. Happily, some of these were wrapped up nicely in the animated series while some still remain a mystery.

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10 Unresolved: Ricky's Mom

Ricky's mom is a source of confusion in the Trailer Park Boys universe. We hear her brought up many times yet we still know almost nothing about her. Despite having left her husband and son behind, Tammy is still spoken of highly, especially by Ray. It's clear whatever love they shared left an indelible impression on him. Tammy left Sunnyvale around Christmas 1997. Despite her former husband and son defending her name even Julian describes her in a less-than-flattering light. There are some references to Ricky's mom in the past tense as if she was no longer among the living. Later references in the present tense imply she is alive and simply left the park. Either way, we still don't know exactly what happened to Ricky's mom.

9 Wrapped Up: Mr. Lahey

There's no doubt about it, Jim Lahey is a Canadian national treasure. The character has been described as one of the greatest anti-heroes in Canadian TV history. The actor who portrayed the stumbling alcoholic was a wonderful man who spent his life creating beautiful granite statues and entertaining the world. Tragically, John Dunsworth passed away in 2017 of a brief and unexpected illness. His family mourned the loss of a wonderful husband, father, and grandfather.

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The world mourned the loss of a beloved comedian. The writers and producers of Trailer Park Boys were faced with a dilemma. The show could hardly be the same without Lahey but John was no longer with us. The animated series continues his storyline with an offbeat but loving homage to the late actor. Mr. Lahey passes away but his spirit continues to advise his former lover Randy. Dunsworth's real voice was used in the creation of his animated character.

8 Unresolved: Julian's Parents

We learn very little of Julian's parents throughout the show's 11 seasons. What we do know paints a bleak picture of young Julian's life. We know he suffered at the hands of his father before he was abandoned. We learn the horrible story of Julian's dad forcing him to shoot his own dog with a revolver at 5 years old. The boy would be abandoned one year later. This brutal upbringing may explain why Julian feels he must be a caretaker to so many He looks after Bubbles, keeps Ricky moving forward and generally looks after everyone in the park. Far from being the only character with missing parents Julian does have the least clear history of any main character on the show.

7 Wrapped Up: Steve French

This beloved character makes a stunning come back in the animated series. Bubbles loves his kitties and no other cat stole his heart quite like Steve French. When Steve is spotted by a helicopter and pursued by local hunters Bubs knows he has to save his old friend. Unbound by the limits of reality the animated series takes this mountain lion to a new level. While Bubbles is separated from the rest of the gang his old friend appears from the trees. Steve French speaks to Bubbles and the conversation completes the character. Not only is he a sophisticated and classy gentleman but he even has a French accent.

6 Unresolved: Julian's Foster Parents

We may know little about Julian's birth family but there are benevolent figures from his past that appear on camera. In season one we meet Levi and Desiree. The couple is introduced as Julian's foster parents. They raised him as their own after finding him abandoned in the trailer park.

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You would think two members of his immediate family couldn't just vanish without a trace after appearing on the show but you'd be wrong. After season one neither Levi nor Desiree is ever mentioned again. For the remainder of the show he only family of Julian's we ever hear about or see is his beloved grandma.

5 Wrapped Up: Nathan MacKinnon

On the list of celebrities that the boys have kidnapped, Avalanche forward Nathan MacKinnon may have been the most fun. The gang snatch MacKinnon in season 11 and force him to help out with Bubbles' youth hockey team. MacKinnon was delighted to appear on the show and has dabbled in acting before. The creators and stars of Trailer Park Boys are all from MacKinnon's home town. The NHL star admitted to being a little star-struck by them and quickly accepted their invitation to appear on the show.

4 Unresolved: Bubbles' Truck

One minute Bubbles' truck is on a wrecker being towed. The next day Bubbles is back behind the wheel. Who put the engine back in? The sheer number of broken-down cars in Sunnycle implies that there isn't a skilled mechanic in the park. Who could have gotten the totaled vehicle up and running? Why don't we hear anything about it? Bubbles loves that truck like he loves his kitties. It seems strange that a character as grateful as Bubbles wouldn't ever mention how his vehicle got back on the road.

3 Wrapped Up: Two Become Three

It's obvious that Julian and Ricky are like family to Bubbles. The three stick together no matter what, that bond didn't form overnight. In the sixth episode of season 1, the boys find some old school hash. It transports them back to their youth when the three first become friends.

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Predictably they bond when Julian defends Bubbles from a bully. He really does have the biggest heart in Sunnyvale. We get to see glimpses into the formation of the characters as adults. We even see into the lives of other characters like Sam and Lahey. It's somewhat sobering to see the youth and hope in their eyes, particularly Sam who comes across as a nice guy in his brief appearance.

2 Unresolved: Bathroom Makeover

The boys have finally decided to go legit. No more dope, no more hash, no more hustles. Julian dons his fancy court clothes to job hunt at the mall. Ricky finds his calling after a home improvement project. While gazing up at his gorgeous new deck he discovers a brand new feeling he's never experienced before, pride.  Bubbles suggests that Ricky could make a career out of his carpentry skills. He quickly gets his first gig hanging a towel bar for miss Margarite. Somehow Ricky goes from checking for studs to tearing out sheetrock in a matter of seconds. With the all the elegant absurdity of a Three Stooges skit things go from bad to worse and we never see the problem solved.

1 Wrapped Up: Helix

There are a lot of running jokes across the Trailer Park Boys universe. None may be as beloved by fans and the characters alike as the constant references to and appearances by Helix. The Canadian rock band has been great about their inclusion on the show. They made an appearance in the live-action series as well as Trailer Park Boys: The Movie. Helix performed live at the film's premiere. Ricky and Julian's characters have even appeared on stage with the band. The animated series takes the joke full circle. We see Ricky in a Helix tee shirt in several flashback scenes and in one episode the band appears yet again to save Sunnyvale. In "Trailerstock" Helix headlines a show to benefit the park. Hijinx ensues when Queens of the Stone Age happens to be performing at the same time threatening to steal the crowd.

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