Trailer Park Boys: 10 Hilarious Ricky Quotes That Are Just Sweet Empowered

The funniest jokes are always simple, and maybe that's why Ricky from Trailer Park Boys is one of the funniest and most beloved characters on the show. Rickyisms, a collection of famous lines attributed to the character, are actually a thing. So many great Ricky quotes consist of wrongly substituting a single word or just mispronouncing something.

There's actually a term for this type of comedy or mistake, and it's called malapropism. The results are a part of Ricky's character, a main feature of the show, and always surprisingly funny. There are several online lists and glossaries with vast stores of Ricky's numerous linguistic accidents, and here's ten more to add to the pile.

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10 "Knock knock."

Often directed at Jim Lahey, everyone got the butt-end of Ricky's "Knock knock" opener at some point. Sometimes it's followed by an actual reply, other times the retort is simply two extended middle fingers or the expletive, "F*ck off." There are fierce debates online about Ricky's best knock-knock jokes, with favorites ranging from the short and simple to long ranting lectures. He seems to have one of his unique knock-knock jokes on hand for every occasion.

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9 "Worst case Ontario."

Only Canadians will really get this one. A spin on the expression "worst-case scenario," Ricky uses this to describe Canada's most populous province. It's where everyone seems to go and everyone seems to be from. Toronto is Canada's largest and richest city, and Ottawa is the seat of the federal government. Legislation and economic policy that affect everyone nationally often starts and ends here. Both cities are in Ontario. This generates some resentment on the part of much smaller provinces, such as Nova Scotia, where the Trailer Park Boys actually takes place.

8 "Two birds get stoned at once."

This one is so perfect for Ricky. In a way, it describes his whole character. Better to get stoned twice as fast or get stoned with someone else than on your own, right? A funny spin on the "killing two birds with one stone" axiom, in Ricky's mind the word "stone" is the verb instead of the noun. This is one of those times when we're thankful for Ricky's mistake, as it's preferable to the old saying where the birds get killed instead of stoned.

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7 "It's clear to see who makes the pants here."

In the episode, "If You Love Something, Set it Free" the Boys hunt a mysterious intruder in their pot field. This particular show is rich in Rickyisms. We get "fill my feet" instead of "fill my shoes" and "radies" instead of "rabies." Bubbles is there to help out with terms like "samsquanch." Cory and Trevor get attacked by what turns out to be a cougar, and Sarah, who is their current "boss," prohibits them from working with Julian or Ricky again. This quote is Ricky's hysterical response in which he gets the verbs "make" and "wear" confused.

6 "Does a bear sh*t on the pope?"

There are already a few variations on this colorful way to agree to something, but this one from the episode "Sh*t-Covered Cave Teeth" is one of the best. It's from one of the more recent episodes where Ricky has tried to swear off crime, but Julian talks him into helping with one last job, at a dental office. That explains the title of the episode and nicely reflects Ricky's enthusiasm for Julian's plan.

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5 "Dressed all over."

Some of Ricky's funny sayings come from misunderstandings over French and English labels, which is a common issue in Canada. Certain popular products are known by their French nicknames, like a popular soda commonly nicknamed "Pamplemousse," which is simply grapefruit. Similar phrases like "zesty mordant" also appear in the Canadian lexicon and many Rickyisms. In this case, Ricky refers to "All Dressed" chips in an uncommon way. The title of the episode, "Dressed all Over and Zesty Mordant" is inspired by Rickyisms.

4 "Hang your horses."

A funny combination of "hang on" and "hold your horses," both of which have the same meaning, "wait." This infamous episode, "Up in Smoke We Go" features several celebrity cameos, including Tom Arnold, Snoop Dogg, and Doug Bensen. In real life, Arnold was a huge fan of the show, especially Ricky and his car, the Sh*tmobile. He got to ride around in the car with Bubbles for part of the day, which was a dream come true for the Hollywood comedian.

3 "Make like a tree and f*ck off."

Many viewers remember that immortal line from Back to the Future that was often used by the main antagonist, Biff, "make like a tree and get out of here." Ricky takes this to a whole other level with a line that doesn't even pretend to be clever. This quote actually comes from a fairly exciting episode that includes the culmination of the Freedom 35 plan and Ricky's Grade 10. Lahey tries to thwart their plans and get them arrested, but his daughter Treena, who is played by none other than Ellen Page, helps the Boys uncover Randy and Jim's nefarious plans.

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2 "Passed with flying f*ckin' carpets."

Well, the original phrase, "passed with flying colors" doesn't make any more sense, so why not sub colors out for something like carpets? In the episode "Propane Propane," the Boys need a truck for the upcoming weed harvest. In a race against time, they have to get the crop out before law enforcement finds it. They make a mistake when they send Cory and Trevor to steal an appropriate vehicle, and they return with a propane tanker. The only one who can drive it is Bubbles, but he fails the test to get his license, and this is the line Ricky uses to lie to Julian about it.

1 "Sweet empowered chicken things."

You'll never call it plain old "sweet and sour" chicken ever again after Ricky takes everyone's favorite dish up a notch in the episode "The Bible Pimp." Ricky and Sarah are eating Chinese take-out while a strange drama erupts around them involving Julian and the so-called "Missionaries" who are visiting the park. This is actually one of the more touching episodes, with lots of lessons to learn about friendship and atonement. After burning Bubbles' shed down in a previous episode, Julian and Ricky had a few things to learn.

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