Trailer Park Boys: 10 Hidden Details About The Main Characters Everyone Missed

This exciting series is a mockumentary focused on the adventures of some less-than-cultured residents in Sunnyvale Trailer Park. It is a Canadian production, which has run strong since 2001. The characters are controversial, at times offensive, but still manage to engage in very human, and very poignant interactions which makes for an amusing, exciting viewing.

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Each comes with a history which adds to the narrative of the show. There are no airs and graces to this show or its characters. Here are 10 things about the main characters of Trailer Park Boys which you probably didn't know.

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10 Bubble's Predicament

Viewers might not know that Bubbles is slightly quirkier than he might initially appear. The much-loved character suffers from something called Alektorophobia. This is a rare condition in which a person is morbidly afraid of chickens. How did Bubbles develop such a condition?

What happened was that he fell into a chicken coop as a child, and was pecked at by the savage chickens. He keeps this condition pretty much to himself. Even best fiends Ricky and Julian have not been told about it.

9 Rickyisms Color The Narrative

The character of Ricky isn't the most eloquent of the show's characters and frequently messes up common phrases, often with humorous effect. For example, the well-known phrase, 'Killing two birds with one stone', becomes 'Getting two birds stoned at once' when Ricky gets hold of it. He also has a habit of mispronouncing big words.

For example, saying 'psychobiological' instead of 'psychological'. This is all done in complete innocence and from this innocence of Ricky's, a phrase called 'Rickyisms', naming these grammatical blunders, is born.

8 A Dunn Deal

Ricky's dad Ray might seem an ineffective, unassuming character but in reality, he holds the reigns behind Trailer Park Boys. The character is played by Barrie Dunn, who is the main man behind all of the action and the one who started the show to begin with.

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The years of humor and entertainment provided by the popular Canadian series can be attributed to Dunn, who started the series after seeing its potential through a Mockumentary-style film made by Ricky, Julian and Bubbles.

7 Say Who?

There's a string of fascinating main characters on The Trailer Park Boys. Many of them, however, don't have surnames and go by just their first names. This might make referencing them and tracing family lines difficult, however, it keeps things simple – trailer park simple.

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Main characters who go by just their name include Julian, Bubbles, Trinity, Ricky, Ray, Tyrone, J-Rock, Cyrus, Lucy and Sarah. For this reason, there are no complicated family lines in the series. Names are short and punchy, and focus is on the action and narrative.

6 A Teetotaler In Reality

It might come as a surprise to viewers that while character Jim Lahey always seems to have a beer in his hand, John Dunsworth, who plays Jim, does not drink at all. This might come as a bit of a surprise to fans who see the character downing drink after drink. Even more fascinating is news that the so-called drinks enjoyed by Lahey on set are actually just cola tonic mixed with water. Here's to the alcohol-free actor who makes  staying sober look so cool.

5 Mr. Nice Guy

Cyrus might play the same old song in his car every time viewers’ attention is drawn to it ('I'm old (you're young)' by Rick Jeffrey), but he is also the nicest guy on set. Directors, producers and other actors have called Bernard Robichaud, the actor who plays Cyrus, a pleasure to work with. He is courteous to everyone on set and gets the job done well. One can forgive him then for not changing the CD in his car.

4 Take Off The T-Shirt Already

Character Ricky might be full of action, but this action never translates to him lifting his arms to take his shirt off, to replace it with another. Viewers might or might not have noticed that he is always in the same shirt! That checkered shirt he loves so much could be his only shirt if his on set wardrobe is anything to go by. This might be an attempt by directors to show just how dire his situation is, living in a caravan park and all... but really, is anyone's wardrobe that limited?

3 Ellen Enters The Scene

TV fans will be familiar with Vanya Hargreaves of Umbrella Academy fame. The character's abrupt, mysterious ways are pulled off convincingly by Ellen Page who seems old hand at acting for an audience. Viewers of Trailer Park Boys might not realize that Ellen Page made her grand appearance on TV as Treena on the series. She first entered the series at just 15 years of age, and it would seem she found her calling, having moved from strength to strength as an actress, eventually landing the role of Vanya.

2 Phil's Grand Appearance

Fans of the series might not remember when Phil, or rather Philadelphia Collins, first made his grand appearance into the series. The entertaining character first appeared as an extra, as part of a crowd and unless fans were watching closely, they probably missed his debut into Trailer Park Boys. In this specific episode, the crowd appears as a result of Julian telling Cyrus to get out of Sunnyvale. From these small beginnings, he goes on to become a much bigger influence in the show. I guess everyone has to start somewhere!

1 Family Gets Involved

There are lots of off screen connections between the main characters of the show, which might be the reason they seem to gel so well throughout the series, like genuine peas in a pod. One of these behind-the-scenes connections is the relationship between Sarah and Jim Lahey. Sarah is actually John Dunsworth, who plays Lahey's real life daughter. The series has a tight-knit team behind its cast and this is just another example of how family has gotten involved to bring Trailer Park Boys magic to the silver screen.

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