Trailer Park Boys: 10 Hilarious Rickyisms We've Added To Our Vocabulary

The long-running mockumentary sitcom Trailer Park Boys is probably the greatest Canadian comedy series ever made. Every character is iconic, the amount of memorable moments and lines from the series seems to be never-ending, and each character on the show tends to have their "thing". When it comes to the series lead Ricky, his thing is undeniably his constant malapropisms and misuse of idioms, and it has become such a thing that the fans of the series have come to call these misstatements "Rickyisms".

Rickyisms are undoubtedly some of the funniest lines and moments on the show, and every episode has at least one or two that are so memorable that it's hard to resist quoting them over and over again. However, there are a select few that are just so good, so funny, and so absurd, that they absolutely need to be repeated. So, which 10 hilarious Rickyisms were so fantastic that we couldn't help but add them to our own vocabulary?

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10 Atodaso

There are a few things that distinguish the average Rickyism from the kind of Rickyism that you'll never forget and may eventually make its way into your own vocabulary, and one of those things is definitely irony. Ricky's absurd turns of phrase can sometimes just seem random, but certain words like "atodaso" (Ricky's phonetical interpretation of the common saying "I told you so", which he either hasn't seen written down or he just never connected those dots) work specifically because they're so pointedly stupid. Smugly telling someone I told you so but not actually understanding that you're saying the words I told you so is classic Ricky.

9 What Comes Around Is All Around

We're all familiar with the phrase "what goes around comes around," but you've got to hand it to Ricky when it comes to his own iteration of this common saying. "What comes around is all around" definitely misses the point behind the original saying, but there's a pretty fair argument to be made that it is at least a factually correct statement. And while "what goes around comes around" is meant to be kind of a threatening warning against bad behavior, incorporating "what comes around is all around" into your normal speech is definitely worth it purely for the fact that it will confuse the hell out of anyone who hears it—unless they're TPB fans, of course.

8 I'm Not A Pessimist, I'm an Optometrist

Ricky is undeniably a total idiot, but some of his best Rickyisms are statements that seem moronic on the surface but actually seem to have some philosophical depth to them if you really think about them. One such statement is his classic "I'm not a pessimist, I'm an optometrist". You might think to yourself, hey, obviously Ricky has just mixed up the words optometrist and optimist. But if you really think about it, an optometrist is someone who helps everyone in the world see clearly even if their vision is naturally blurry. So if you think about that, perhaps in a roundabout way Ricky was telling us that he's not a pessimist, but a realist.

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7 Get Two Birds Stoned At Once

Once again, Ricky proves himself to be a kind of linguistic idiot savant with "get two birds stoned at once". Yes, he completely annihilates the classic "kill two birds with one stone" saying, but the meaning behind it is dead on. The whole idea behind the idiom is that you're accomplishing two things at once, which theoretically still applies to getting two birds stoned at once. We prefer Ricky's version to the original, not only because it's presumably a lot easier to get two birds stoned than it is to kill two birds with one stone, but because why would you even want to kill one bird, let alone two?

6 Sweet And Power Chicken

Sweet and power chicken is one particular Rickyism that we love simply because, once you've heard the words sweet and power chicken, why would you ever want regular old sweet and sour chicken instead? It's possible Ricky never actually learned the word sour, or just never put two and two together. However, sweet and power chicken seems appropriate because, in the eyes of many, it's the best chicken dish of all time. So if you're personally a fan of sweet and sour chicken, maybe consider introducing sweet and power chicken into your vocabulary too, if only to demonstrate it's dominance over all other chickens.

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5 Rocket Appliances

Yet again, another entry on this list of Rickyisms that manages to be totally stupid but seemingly factually correct. The common saying is obviously that it's not "rocket science", but in pretty much any scenario where something is not rocket science it is also not rocket appliances. What exactly are rocket appliances, you might ask? Well, we don't know, but let's be real, we don't really know what rocket science is either. Plus, now that "it's not rocket science" is pretty much played out, we'd rather hear the classic saying with a dumb Canadian spin on it. Bonus points if you can say it in reference to an actual appliance.

4 I'm Self Smarted

Oh Ricky, honey, we know. We know. Some people might call themselves self-taught. Some people who want to get fancy might call themselves an autodidact, but Ricky explains his personal learning experience in a way that only Ricky can, and we cannot stop saying it. If you're ever being criticized for your intellectual abilities there is really no better retort than "I'm self-smarted," although honestly the more than you can quote from Ricky's entire explanation behind his self-teaching life experiences the better. And the fun, ironic fact is that if you can quote that entire line from memory then you are legitimately self-smarted.

3 How Can A Peanut Kill Someone? It's Not Even A Person

Ricky most definitely missed his life calling as a philosopher. We always thought that Mr. Peanut seemed a little sketchy (like, why would you wear all of the most formal accessories that you can find but not even wear clothes, though?), but it's doubtful that anyone ever looked at peanuts as straight up murderers. But unfortunately it's true, they are some scarily deadly legumes. And we love to be thought-provoking, so if you do too then perhaps wondering aloud "how can a peanut kill someone? It's not even a person..." the next time you see peanuts in public is something to take into consideration.

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2 My Brain Is Short Circulating

And now we have the final entry on the list of Rickyisms that is dumb but also is probably actually true. The common saying is "short-circuiting", but we definitely prefer Ricky's colorful interpretation of it. Plus, his version actually might be more correct than the original one. Short-circuiting is an understandable metaphor, but the human brain relies way more on circulation than circuitry. It seems especially appropriate when it comes to Ricky since a lack of circulation in the brain might explain, you know, his brain. But we're particular fans of this malapropism because, regardless of your intellect, getting the saying wrong is a clear indication that your brain has short-circuited.

1 This Thing Here Is Smarter Than Me I Guess, But It Has A Battery

Ricky probably has hundreds of hilarious Rickyisms, but there is really no other Rickyism that could be number one. This particular quote is in reference to a calculator, and if we're being honest, his assessment is probably right. However, regardless of how clever you might be it's safe to say that you have related to this line at least a few times in your life. And whether or not you're being facetious or legitimately feel dumber than a piece of battery operated electronics, this is a perfect quote to pull out of your back pocket when you're feeling as smart as Ricky.

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