Trailer Park Boys: 10 Best Celebrity Cameos

Celebrity cameos are fun anyway, and when they appear in a mockumentary, they're a way to give us some fan service while breaking the fourth wall. These are public figures that the characters also love and admire, either visiting the show as themselves or taking on a role as one of the cast members.

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On Trailer Park Boysmany of the celebrity cameos are nods to Canadian music culture, as the Boys are huge fans of certain famous bands, singers, and songwriters. The celebrity visitors also include hockey players and talk show hosts. Here are ten of the best celebrity cameos that appeared on episodes of Trailer Park Boys.

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10 Jimmy Kimmel

This one went both ways and brought Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles into the real world. The talk show host appeared in an episode of the show, and the Boys appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in character to promote their European Tour. Ashton Kutcher was featured that night. In the Trailer Park Boys episode "All the F**kin Dope You Can Smoke," season 10 episode six, Julian opens up an illegal casino and tasks Ricky and Bubbles with doing some publicity. The ads they make get Jimmy Kimmel's attention, and he appears on the show as himself.

9 Sebastian Bach

The frontman of American rock band Skid Row, Sebastian Bach is one of many musicians that the Boys meet on their travels in uncommon places. This adventure starts at a toy train convention in Bangor, Maine, for example, and focuses on a model owned by Patrick Swayze.

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In season seven, he appears in three episodes that form their own storyline; "Friends of the Road," "The Mustard Tiger," and "Going Off The Rails On The Swayzie Train." Like many of the adventures on the show, this one involves a pot deal, as Bach is so impressed by Ricky's homegrown that he's willing to risk cross-border smuggling to obtain more.

8 Nathan MacKinnon

In season 11, episode seven, entitled "I Look Like a F**KING DICK!" Colorado Avalanche forward Nathan McKinnon makes an appearance as a mentor to school-aged kids. This was during the brief period where Jim Lahey honestly thought he was Ricky's father, and the main plot focuses on a father-son golfing trip that's really intended to keep Lahey distracted while Julian and Ricky harvest the latest cannabis crop. This leads into yet another celebrity cameo, as the marijuana is intended for a certain live musical performance taking place in Halifax.

7 Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg appears in several episodes of Trailer Park Boys in Season 10; "Propane, Propane," "Up in Smoke We Go," and "Thugged Out Gangsta Sh*t." Each time he plays himself. Most of the action during this storyline focuses on getting Ricky's crop to Snopp's upcoming live show, and all of the most notorious residents of Sunnyvale are involved in the scheme somehow. Comedian Tom Arnold, who is a huge fan of Trailer Park Boys in real life, also makes an appearance in "Thugged Out Gangsta Sh*t."

6 Alex Lifeson

Every member of Rush is a Canadian icon while most people from outside of the country don't even know who they are. Alex Lifeson, the band's guitarist, appears in season three, episode five, as himself. Ricky hilariously kidnaps him and introduces him to Julian as another famous Canadian singer.

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The episode is named "Closer to the Heart," the title of one of the band's most popular songs. He played a police officer making a traffic stop in Trailer Park Boys: The Movie and another cop again, this time as part of a sting operation, in Trailer Park Boys: Countdown To Liquor Day.

5 Rita MacNeil

If you're Canadian, or you like East Coast folk music, then you know who Rita MacNeil is. She was one of the first celebrities to make a cameo in the Trailer Park Boys and her appearance might be one of the best. In season four, episode eight, the Boys are desperate for help harvesting their crop. They hijack a tour bus, not realizing its occupants are Rita MacNeil and her band. Bubbles is the only one who recognizes her. As they force them to help harvest the pot plants, the musicians break into a song called "Workin' Man" which is also the title of this episode. Rita cheerily hands one plant to Ricky personally, saying, "Here's a nice one here, dear."

4 Brian Vollmer

Another Canadian reference, the hard rock band Helix was big in the 1980s. Their lead singer Brian Vollmer first appeared as a stranded motorist in season three, but that ended up on the cutting room floor. You can still see it if you have the DVD and it's one of the most popular lost scenes.

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His appearances in Trailer Park Boys: The Movie and Trailer Park Boys: Countdown to Liquor Day as "Randy's $15 John" made it to the big screen and he was part of a live show with the Boys in Hamilton, Ontario. Vollmer keeps returning to the show, recently playing himself in season one, episode 10 of Trailer Park Boys: The Animated Series, "Trailerstock."

3 Denny Doherty

Almost everyone is familiar with the iconic 1960s pop band, The Mamas and the Papas, but you have to be Canadian to know that one of their founding members was Denny Doherty of Halifax, Canada. He appeared in season seven, episode 10 as FBI Special Agent Ryan Chalkneck.

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These episodes are part of the Sebastian Bach model train cross-border smuggling saga. That's just as funny as it sounds. Doherty had a few film credits to his career, and he passed away shortly after this episode was completed. There's a dedication to him in the closing credits.

2 Gord Downie

The Tragically Hip could be the most universally adored Canadian band in decades, well-known throughout the globe for their cutting-edge sound, profound lyrics, and brilliant front-man Gord Downie. The director of the show, Mike Clattenburg, had directed a previous video for "the Hip" and had a connection with Downie.

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The Boys appear in the video for the song The Darkest One and Downie played short roles in the movies, making appearances with fellow musician Alex Lifeson. There are several references to Downie and his music throughout the series. When Ricky kidnaps Alex Lifeson in "Closer to the Heart" he introduces the Rush guitarist to Julian as Gord Downie, and JRoc's song 2108 is a remix of The Tragically Hip song, Ahead by a Century.

1 George Canyon

Well known in his home province of Nova Scotia, George Canyon is a country singer who has also made an impression out west and south of the border. Canyon has won two Juno Awards and was nominated for a third. He appears in several episodes of season seven including the finale, "A Sh*t River Runs Through It" as Head Park Ranger. These episodes are also connected to the season's episodic storyline of the boys trying to smuggle weed to Sebastian Bach across the US border.

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