Trailer Park Boys: 15 Best Running Jokes Fans Love To Quote

Trailer Park Boys

The Canadian comedy Trailer Park Boys gained a massive cult following when it was released to the world via Netflix, and fans seem to always be looking for more. Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles are among the best comedy teams making content. The three actors responsible have branched out to other acting gigs in the past, but always come back to Sunnyvale when it's all said and done. Through their work with Netflix, the group continues to pump out hilariously off-center comedy through their characters years after the show first started.

Trailer Park Boys is one of the top comedies when it comes to quotable moments. There are so many memorable moments and running jokes that leave fans in stitches, with each season adding new goofs and expanding on old ones. Some of the best have been with us since the beginning, and have developed over time. Many of the continuing themes in Trailer Park Boys have become embedded in the lore of the show, as fans will be quoting them for years to come.

Here are the 15 Best Trailer Park Boys Running Jokes Fans Love To Quote.

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Trailer Park Boys Rick and His Favorite Shirt
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15 Rickyisms

Trailer Park Boys Rick and His Favorite Shirt

Ricky has a unique and special way of expressing his opinion. He's not a book-learning guy, so much of what he says relies on context in order to be fully understood. Ricky's all about cadence rather than substance, and his affinity for butchering the English language has become a hallmark of what makes Trailer Park Boys exquisite.

Ricky's sayings are his alone, with only slight influence coming from those whom he's paraphrasing. From "atodaso" to, "It looks like a tropical earthquake blew through here," Ricky has a way with words that is second to none. Some of his best work is documented in YouTube compilations, which take the viewer down the road into Ricky's mind. If it's not about dope or crime, Ricky probably doesn't know what he's talking about.

Fortunately, when it comes to getting himself out of trouble, Ricky is as articulate as it gets.

14 Sh!t Analogies

Trailer Park Boys Ricky and Julian vs Randy and Lahey

Lahey's sh*t analogies have become one of the favorites among Trailer Park Boys fans. Unlike Ricky, Mr. Lahey has a full command of the English language, and distorts it to involve the word "sh*t" at any turn.

Lahey has voiced some of the most apt sh*t analogies imaginable, with some of the highlights including, "Sh*t apples don't fall far from the tree" and his detailed description of "sh*t hawks." There are too many to count and not enough room to list them all.

It doesn't take a genius to come up with this turn of phrase, but Lahey's unique and undying hatred for Ricky coupled with his prolific alcoholism certainly assist in his ability to craft these hilarious and weirdly creative phrases.

13 Nam Sayin?

Trailer Park Boys J-Roc

J-Roc is another character with a unique way of speaking. His character vocally mixes and scratches while he talks, and sometimes even has to be translated so the boys will understand what he's saying.

For a while, J-Roc was convinced he was black, which may explain the way he talks. Once he was informed otherwise, though, he continued to drop "Nam sayin's?" and "mafks" throughout season after season of the show. J-Roc has become a fan favorite, as his undercover wit has been able to eviscerate Randy and Lahey multiple times in the past. He may not act like it, but he clearly has much more sense than a lot of people in the park.

J-Roc's thuggish behavior is eventually juxtaposed with the rest of the boys. He and T are actually much softer than Julian and Ricky. They commit crimes, yes, but they repeatedly admit that they don't mess with guns. J-Roc even tries to get arrested to gain street-cred (something the boys do accidentally every season), but is only sentenced to probation while he's pretending to be in jail.

12 Randy and Lahey's Sexuality

Trailer Park Boys Randy and Lahey

The official stance of Trailer Park Boys seems to be that sexuality is a spectrum. When the show starts, the relationship between Lahey and his second-in-command seems to be close, but not sexual. Lahey is noted as the ex-husband of the park's owner, but it's not until later that Julian finds out what the pair get up to behind closed doors.

After that, everything that happens between Lahey and Randy is clearly an intimate relationship, and Lahey's continued lust for Julian makes the viewer fairly assume that Lahey is gay. Randy is bit more of a mystery, as he dates and subsequently impregnates Lucy while she and Ricky are on a break. Lahey is clearly distraught by the loss of Randy, but it isn't until he starts cosying-up to Deb that his sexuality is again called into question. This is mostly motivated by Lahey's desire to gain control of the park, but he clearly had love for Deb in the first place.

All this is to say that Randy and Lahey are probably bisexual, but it's never directly addressed. Through the seasons of the show, fans can only speculate as to which gender the two prefer.

11 Cart Boy

Trailer Park Boys, A Bubbles Closeup

For those who don't know, Cart Boy was the first film making endeavor that the boys undertook. It centered on the character that would soon become Bubbles. Robb Wells (Ricky) and John Paul Tremblay (Julian) play mall security guards who are fed up with the guy that is stealing their carts.

Bubble's obsession with carts is ingrained in the fabric of Trailer Park Boys. It's literally how the group began making content. Through the seasons, Bubbles has not changed one bit in regards to his affinity for the cart life.

Many of the boys' heists and schemes even have a cart element to them. Carts are where Bubbles gets the majority of his income (however little that may be), and remain the oldest joke in the Trailer Park Boys universe.

10 Julian's Drink

Trailer Park Boys Own the Park

Julian's drink is one of those jokes you may not get until you've made it two or three seasons into the show. Once you pick up on it, though, you realize that Julian is never without his drink. He hardly ever puts it down, it's nearly never empty (unless it signifies how hard the times are), and it never spills. Through gunfights and crashes, Julian's drink remains unscathed.

It's no secret that much - if not all - of the characters in Trailer Park Boys like to put one back. Some can hold their liquor better than others, but despite his constant drinking, Julian is only truly drunk once; when he drinks the swish. Julian truly serves as the pinnacle of functional alcoholism. His drink has become a mythical item of sorts in Trailer Park Boys, and is one of the classic themes in the show.

9 Bottle Kids!

Trailer Park Boys Bottle Kids

Bottle Kids have been a part of the Sunnyvale Trailer Park since it was first introduced to the world in the Trailer Park Boys pilot. It was only a reference made by Mr. Lahey at the time, and few could predict the hilarious destruction they would cause in the future.

The Bottle Kids are a symbolic group; kids from a poor neighborhood who enjoy causing havoc by throwing bottles at people. To a lesser degree, a kind of "Bottle Kids" can be found in many low-income communities. There is nothing better to do, so they throw glass bottles at people.

Through all of the Bottle Kids attacks, some of the best have to be directed at Lahey and Randy. Randy getting peppered while stuck in a canoe is classic, but the Bottle Kids don't discriminate; they hit everyone. As the show progressed, the Bottle Kids got more ammunition.

Ricky's daughter Trinity even gets involved with the Bottle Kids, taking 200 bottles from her grandfather under false pretenses, only to unload them on Randy in one of the largest Bottle Kids attacks in the show.

8 Randy's Gut

Trailer Park Boys Randy's Gut

The fact that Randy never wears a shirt combined with his ever-increasing gut size has become one of the better running jokes in the series. Over the course of the show, Randy's gut has only grown as his love for cheeseburgers seems never ending.

At the beginning of the show, Randy's gut was relatively tame. As the show went on, his gut grew larger and larger, virtually becoming a character of its own. There's no question that Randy's gut is disgusting, and even if he wore a shirt he wouldn't be able to hide it.

Along with the size of his gut, Randy's "allergy" to shirts is one of the great jokes surrounding the character. Randy can only be seen wearing a shirt when he's forced to, and even takes off his pants any time he's about to fight someone. For someone as large as Randy has become, he's certainly not shy about showing off his greasy, stout physique.

7 The Guy in the Chair

Trailer Park Boys Ray

Many people don't know it, but Barrie Dunn - the actor who plays Ray - is actually one of the people responsible for making Trailer Park Boys a reality. He's a producer of the show, and took notice of what the boys presented at a film festival.

Ray is Ricky's father, and plays the father-figure role to the rest of the gang. He's leeching off of the government while pretending to be in a wheelchair, and habitually refers to himself as "the guy in the chair" even though everybody knows he's faking it. He guilts people into helping him by referencing his disability, God, and the bible; to the point where he seems to be convincing himself that he really needs the chair.

Ray's life on the road has made him very adaptable - with his ability to make the best out of his living situation -  though it left him with some odd habits. Ray's "p--- jugs" have become one of the fan-favorite quirks of any character, and make it easy to see why Ricky seems to think that if he can't see something, it's gone.

6 Caveman Sam

Trailer Park Boys Caveman Sam Losco

Sam Losco is one of the supporting characters in Trailer Park Boys that seems to constantly be involved with the plot. He was originally a veterinarian, but his life has continuously degraded to the point where he's literally living in a cave.

The characterization of Sam proves Trailer Park Boys' commitment to a joke. His life and appearance goes downhill season after season, as he is constantly bested by our heroes. He eventually receives the "caveman" moniker for being hairy and smelly, and each season he gets closer to that fate.

Every time Sam is on camera, he is smellier and dirtier than the last, all culminating with Sam being found living in a cave, covered in dirt with long, unkempt hair like a legitimate caveman.

5 Jail

Trailer Park Boys Jail

Jail in the Trailer Park Boys universe really doesn't seem all that bad. When they're out, the boys usually don't want to go back, but when they're in they make the best of it. For the first few seasons, fans could count on the boys taking a trip to jail by the season finale. The best comparison to the boys' jail time has to be Kenny in early South Park seasons. He would die in every episode, to the point where fans were waiting for it to happen.

The same thing happened to the boys nearly every season. Fans knew they were going to jail, they just didn't know how. Eventually, the writers began mixing things up and having other characters go to jail in their place. Bubbles did a stint in the slammer, as did Lahey and Randy.

Even when things seemed to work out for the boys, they found themselves behind bars for some length of time. Of course they had a lot of friends in there, and sometimes didn't even want to leave.

4 Kitties

Trailer Park Boys Bubbles and His Kitty

Bubbles' love for everything cats has been a theme ever since the show started. Bubbles has a farm of kitties, and loves every one of them the same. Bubbles' love for cats goes so far that he even saved a cougar, explaining to the boys that it's just a big kitty.

Not all of Bubbles' cats have been referenced by name, but those that have are too many to count. Bubbles has admitted that he has a soft spot for kitties that can't take care of themselves, possibly referencing his own upbringing. While in jail, Bubbles is allowed to take a cat that is missing one of its paws. A little-known fact about this cat was that it was actually Mike Smith's cat in real life.

Many of the storylines surrounding Bubbles have had something to do with his kitties, and since he is probably the most popular character in the show, fans have grown an affection for them as well.

3 Ricky's Injuries

Trailer Park Boys, The Boys and Ricky's Goldfish

For the amount of gun-play, fights, and everything in between in Trailer Park Boys, it's a miracle that no one ever gets hurt. There's nearly always something dangerous going on, but almost everyone walks away unscathed.

Ricky is the exception; he gets hurt all the time. In almost every situation that can injure a person, Ricky takes the worst of it. Ricky has been electrocuted, shot multiple times, beaten, has taken many falls, and even suffered a major season-long heart attack. It's a miracle that Ricky has made it this far without dying.

Much like the boys going to jail at the end of every season, Ricky's injuries have become expected. Whenever the boys are in a gunfight, it's almost a certainty that Ricky is going to catch a bullet. It looks as though the rest of the characters are protected when they have Rick around.

2 Treat Them Like Dogs

Trailer Park Boys Cory and Trevor Get the Finger From Rick

Corey and Trevor are the doormats of Trailer Park Boys. They're basically just bumbling idiots who the boys use for whatever they need.

There are several running jokes surrounding the duo, with some of the highlights including, "smokes. Let's Go," Trevor losing his shirt, the 50 foot restraining order, "Hands down," and of course, treating them like dogs.

The way the boys treat Corey and Trevor has evolved over the years. As the show went on, the boys treated Corey and Trevor more like dogs, and the two began acting that way. A few seasons in, the two can be seen sticking their heads out of a car window and responding to whistles and calls the way dogs do.

Part of the reason the actors left the series was actually the way they were treated on camera. Money was a driving factor, but fans treating them like their characters on the show is what put them over the edge.

1 I Am the Liquor

Trailer Park Boys, A Drunk Mr. Lahey

Mr. Lahey is one of the central characters in Trailer Park Boys, and almost always positioned as the antagonist of the group. His alcoholism is well documented as a staple of his character throughout the series. When times are tough, Mr. Lahey reaches for the bottle. When things work out, he hits it just as hard.

It's not controversial to say that John Dunsworth, the actor who plays Jim Lahey, is the best drunk-actor of all time. His ability to act as though he's inebriated is second to none, and his stumbling, word-slurring excellence is on display in nearly every episode of the show.

Some of the best moments in Trailer Park Boys involve Jim Lahey's alcoholism. Some of his best quotes come out of the woodwork when he's blackout drunk, with an all-time favorite coming when Randy asks if it's Lahey talking or the liquor. Lahey responds by chugging his bottle and saying, "Randy, I am the liquor."


What's your favorite running joke from Trailer Park Boys? Let us know in the comments!

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