Trailer Park Boys: The 10 Best Episodes (According To IMDb)

Our favorite boys from the trailer park have blessed our lives with 12 incredibly cringy and hilarious seasons. So obviously, with 105 episodes, there are definitely some good ones and some bad ones. While all of them may make us laugh, some of these episodes had us absolutely enthralled from start to finish.

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This might be to your surprise, but 10 of this show's episodes actually broke a 9/10 on IMDb. So, if you're wondering which episodes you should rewatch, we made a list of the 10 best ones, according to IMDb, and ranked. You're welcome.

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10 "The Bare Pimp Project" (9.0) (Season 2, Episode 7)

In this season finale episode, Julian discovers that Sam Losco is engaged to Barbara Lahey. Of course, they don't want Sam to take over the trailer park, so Julian tries to get Sam cast in another low-budget adult film.

Also, though, Ricky takes his Grade-10 exam! Yet Julian is still selling dope to prison guards. You win some, and you lose some, but this episode scored an impressive 9.0 on IMDb.

9 "If I Can't Smoke and Swear, I'm F***ed" (9.0) (Season 3, Episode 3)

While this episode title is one of our favs, the entire episode is, too. The boys finally decide that smaller, less risky crimes are the best for earning money. So what do they do? Of course, what else, but open an illegal gas station in Sunnyvale.

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With Cory and Trevor siphoning gas to fill up tanks, and Mr. Lahey trying to catch the boys in the act, this episode has us absolutely entertained from start to finish.

8 "The Green Bastard" (9.0) (Season 4, Episode 4)

When Ricky plans to have a community day in the trailer park, he decides to feature some wrestling. Bubbles takes on the persona of "The Green Bastard", a wrestler from "parts unknown."

This episode does indeed end with a tag-team wrestling match between Mr. Lahey and Bubbles, to clearly determine the true supervisor of the trailer park. We're not sure who comes up with this stuff, but we're loving every cringy second of it.

7 "I Am the Liquor" (9.0) (Season 5, Episode 9)

In this episode, Ricky is preoccupied by bailing Trinity out of jail (like father like daughter?). On the other side of the trailer park, Mr. Lahey goes after Cory and Trevor, and tricks them into telling him about their hash driveway.

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Yeah, you can't exactly trust these two boys, especially when Ricky isn't around to babysit. On the bright side, it does make for some pretty hilarious TV.

6 "Workin' Man" (9.1) (Season 4, Episode 8)

In this season finale, the boys try to harvest their last field before dawn arrives. To speed up the process, they OBVIOUSLY hijack a bus and force everyone on-board to help.

If this isn't enough to peak your interest, it turns out that Mr. Lahey has cut their brake lines as they head back to Moncton. Bring on the confrontation (again) between Ricky and Lahey. We're entertained every time.

5 "The S*** Blizzard" (9.1) (Season 5, Episode 10)

The season finales of this show are pretty spectacular, and it's no secret why so many of them are on this list. In this one, Randy bails Cyrus out of jail, who then takes his gang to Sunnyvale to go after the boys.

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Of course, Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles were responsible for getting them busted and taking all their hash. Well, you had it coming boys, but at least everything that follows this confrontation is incredibly hilarious.

4 "Conky" (9.2) (Season 4, Episode 5)

This episode will forever be one of the most tragic and hilarious episodes on television we've ever seen. When Bubbles has an infected tooth, he is too afraid to go to the hospital without "Conky," a puppet he made in the sixth grade. However, Ricky and Julian disposed of Conky a while back, since it brings out a pretty hostile and malicious personality in Bubbles.

However, they recover it (from a swamp) for the sake of Bubbles's health, and take him to the hospital (where we're sure you can imagine the chaos that ensues). Oh yeah, Lahey and Randy are also trying to deal with all of Bubbles's cats while he's gone. Spoiler: there's A LOT.

3 "A S*** River Runs Through It" (9.2) (Season 7, Episode 10)

Another season finale comes our way, and this one includes another one of the boys' master plans. They plan to smuggle marijuana to Sebastian Bach in the United States.

Shocker - not everything goes the way they intended it to. The authorities, another shocker, show up, and Ricky must decide who is going to take the fall for this one.

2 "F***in' F***ed Out of Our F***in' Minds" (9.2) (Season 12, Episode 10)

The last season finale we'll ever receive of this hilarious show managed to score the second-highest on IMDb, with a stellar 9.2. In this episode, Bubbles organizes a huge stag party for Julian and Ricky.

However, when police sirens approach, it turns into a huge escape operation. This episode title, and this episode itself tells you pretty much everything you need to know about these boys and their trailer park. Honestly, we loved every minute of this finale and every second of this entire show.

1 "Closer to the Heart" (9.3) (Season 3, Episode 5)

This episode takes the top slot on this list with a whopping 9.3 on IMDb. Honestly, it's impressive for ANY show to earn this high of a score, and we're super impressed with these boys and their trailer park for earning this score.

If you remember this episode, Bubbles wants to see Rush perform in Halifax, but Mr. Lahey purchases all the remaining tickets to get back at Ricky. Of course, this doesn't stop the boys, and they break into the concert anyways. What's even more, is that Ricky kidnaps Alex Lifeson. Obviously, right? We're not complaining that this episode is #1, and in fact, we're going to go rewatch it right now.

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