Trailer Park Boys: 10 Hidden Details You Never Noticed

Offbeat Canadian comedy Trailer Park Boys has, in its time, been so successful that it has inspired other mockumentaries. It is filled with all the raw, emotional drama which makes for such good entertainment. It's commitment to the documentary facade gives it a feel akin to that of everyone's favorite paper industry expose The Office.

The series features some controversial rough diamonds and some trashy storylines. Still, viewers love it for the very real human emotions and interactions it portrays. There are, however, details even the most loyal of fans might have missed. Here are 10 hidden elements of the show you might have overlooked.

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10 Swearing Ahoy!

The cast of Trailer Park Boys doesn't seem shy to swear, and this is something which would have already been noted, even by less serious fans. However, viewers might not be aware of just how bad the swearing problem on the show is. It is alleged that one particular swear word is said as many as 1,284 times in just one of season of the series. That's a lot. At that point, one seriously has to wonder who kept counting. So, if you watch the series, except a lot of swearing.

9 Bubbles Has His Say

There is a ‘commentator,' if we could call him that, who draws viewers’ attention to all kind of things happening in the trailer park. Fans may or may not be aware that this regular commentator on the show, whose face viewers are never shown, is actually Bubbles, played by Mike Smith.

This commentator draws attention to different glitches such as a cut cable or things going wrong in the park. He adds to the sense of chaos which envelops trailer park living and which directors have tried to capture.

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8 'Keep Ya Head Up'

The soundtrack of an onscreen series is arguably one of the most important components of the production mix. Even in mockumentaries, it sets the mood and adds to the entertainment value. Still, for the most part, the music of a series can often go undetected by viewers. Fans of the series will be interested to learn that Tupac's 'Keep Ya Head Up' is always playing inside of Sara's trailer. Like it or hate it, this is obviously a song of which either Sara or the show's directors are particularly fond.

7 Whiskey On Show

Fans of typical TV shows don't often read the labels on the products show on during the series. The same might be true for the labels on the many bottles of whiskeys the characters drink throughout the Trailer Park Boys series.

The specific brand of this whiskey is a detail viewers of Season 8 might have missed when watching the show, even if they have watched the show many times. The whiskey the 'boys' drink is called ‘Liquormen's Ol' Dirty Whiskey’. This is an actual Canadian brand of whiskey.

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6 Got the T-shirt!

Ricky is poor, as he himself states. Viewers will know this, but might not be aware of just how tight his resources really are. At times, he wears the same shirt for seasons at a time! This hints at just how bad the situation really is. Still, unless fans are the kind to notice every detail about every character, the fact that his shirt is never changed might evade their detection. There’s the expression, 'Been there, done that, got the T-shirt!' Ricky definitely has the shirt to show for his poverty, and we have all seen that shirt, again, and again.

5 Some More Tea, Please

John Dunsworth is such a good actor, and he pulls off the broken-down alcoholic persona with such finesse that fans might believe he is swigging down glasses during the series. This isn't true, however. The truth is that, during filming, he is drinking iced tea, and doing such a good job at this facade that most viewers watching the show actually believe he is drunk! He definitely makes drinking a glass of iced tea look like an absolute adventure!

4 Ray Drives The Show

Ray (Barrie Dun) is an underrated character who spends a lot of the series much in the background, but he is the show's powerhouse. Viewers might not be aware that the unassuming character, who is Ricky's dad in the series, is actually the producer of the show. He's the one who got the whole show off the ground!

What happened was that Ricky, Bubbles, and Julian did a mockumentary, which was so good that Barrie decided it should be an actual show! Trailer Park Boys was born thanks to Barrie's initiative. He was later incorporated into the script as one of the characters.

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3 Ellen Page Makes Her Debut

It's hard to believe, and a detail which more than likely went unnoticed by viewers... but Ellen Page made her debut in Trailer Park Boys. Not the glamorous debut one would expect from the shining star. Nonetheless, she launched her illustrious acting career through the series. In Trailer Park Boys, she plays Jim LayHey's daughter, whom Ricky later develops a soft spot for. Ellen was 15 years old when she made her debut through the show.

2 Surname, Please

Viewers may, or may not have noticed, that many of the characters go by their first names only. They are introduced by just their first names, and fans never hear anything further in reference to their identities. Julian, Ricky, Trinity, Bubbles, Ray, Sarah, and Cyrus, to name a few, are all considered by their first names only and belong to the elusive 'first name' club. There are only a few characters who are given full names... that is, names which include a surname.

1 Like Father Like Daughter

The relationship between cast members of Trailer Park Boys off the set is not always clear to viewers. While it is evident the cast of the show are close, fans might not realize just how close they really are. Sarah Dunsworth is actually the daughter of Jim Lahey. The show's producers and team are closer than viewers expect, and, when it came to filming, people who already knew each other or had collaborated before were selected.

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