New Trailer For Gerard Butler's 'Gamer'

The other day, Screen Rant writer Ross discussed the synopsis and new interactive poster for Gamer. Now, just two days later, we have the new trailer for the video game-styled movie that will open late this summer. This official trailer was released to X-Box Live users before quickly making its way onto YouTube for everyone to see.

While this is the first English trailer for Gamer, it isn’t our first look at footage from the movie. Back in March, an Italian version of the trailer was leaked online and it provided us with our first glimpse of the film. Unfortunately, there also was some negative buzz online about the movie that extended from mixed reviews of test-screenings that took place late last year. During all of this time, the movie has been subject to some title changes and is now simply named Gamer.

The film is written and directed by Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor who brought us the infamous Crank films so we can expect some intense and over-the-top action sequences. From the mixed reviews and the folks behind the movie, we can say that Gamer is intended for that niche market who enjoy the Crank-style films, hardcore action and obviously, video gamers.

If you think you fall into that group or if you simply want to see Gerard Butler kicking ass and taking names like he did in 300, but with guns and explosives instead of swords and spears this time around, then you need to watch this trailer:


While this movie has a ridiculous plot and Michael C. Hall’s character is terrible in the trailer, Gamer does look like some decent popcorn action-oriented fun. It’s like Punisher: War Zone meets Death Race with a cool lead actor.

Gamer hits theaters September 4, 2009.

What do you think of the trailer?

Source: io9, /Film

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