15Why original host Paige Davis was fired

Paige Davis

Even a show as seemingly innocuous as Trading Spaces had its share of controversy. Host Paige Davis, apparently, had a scandalous history that many believe got her fired from the series in 2005. After her firing, TLC announced that the show would not have a host.

It all started in 2004,

when there was a report of Davis stripping for charity. Then there were rumors of a "adult" tape later that year. Although TLC never offered a reason for Davis' firing, the timing of it, in January the following year, meant that these two incidents may be the reason for her losing her job. Interestingly enough, the rumoredtape never appeared anywhere, and may have not actually ever existed. But rumors have a way of becoming belief, and Davis' reputation suffered for it. The show just wasn't the same without her.

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