14Some rooms had bad designs deliberately for ratings

Trading Spaces Fails

When considering some of the room designs that ended up on the show, fans had to wonder if those horrible rooms weren't intentionally done to make the couples cry so that the series would feature a lot of drama. Consider the blood red room or any room done by Hildi

Santo-Tomas, for example. In fact, the bad rooms are the ones that viewers are still the most likely to remember.

Homeowner Susie Molnar was one of those who ended up with a room that made no sense. Candles all around in a home with an 18-month-old baby? "They kept telling me 'controversy makes good TV,'" she said.

Then there is the infamous brown room: homeowner Jessie Stephens, who said up front that she did not want a brown room. But that's what she got, and it was intentional.

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