Justin Lin Will Produce (and Possibly Direct) 'Toymageddon'

Justin Lin and Vin Diesel on the Fast Five set

Not many film series kick into high gear (pun intended) so late in the game, but the fact that Fast Five gave new life to the aging Fast and Furious franchise is a testament to the films' appeal as well as the direction of Justin Lin. The filmmaker may have turned down the chance to direct his fifth consecutive entry in the series (allowing James Wan to step in), but he certainly has no shortage of options for his next project.

Lin was once rumored for the Highlander remake and the next Terminator film (before Thor: The Dark World's Alan Taylor signed on) but has, more recently, become attached to the next Bourne film, with Jeremy Renner slated to return. Now Lin has committed to a new project that could very well prove to be the start of another franchise.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lin has signed on to produce a live-action family-friendly adventure film entitled Toymageddon. The plot reportedly centers on a disaster at a toy factory and is intended to be follow in the tradition of classic films like Jurassic Park and Ghostbusters. No writer has yet signed on, as the project is still in early development, but there is a distinct possibility that Lin could sign on to direct as well.

'Small Soldiers'
The Commando Elite of the 1998 film 'Small Soldiers'

Based on that vague plot description, Toymageddon does call to mind Joe Dante's 1998 adventure Small Soldiers, in which a collection of military toys come to life and attack a suburban neighborhood. Lin's production could ultimately prove to be a vastly different beast, especially considering the high-octane action that he has become associated with since he began work on the Fast and Furious series.

At the very least, the fact that the team involved in Toymageddon has set their sights on the specific tone of crowd-pleasing films like Jurassic Park and Ghostbusters is admirable. Both those films managed to deftly blend together elements of horror, action and comedy to create an audience experience that is rarer than ever these days.

Whether the material in Toymageddon is worthy of that ambitious statement is another matter entirely, but should Lin sign on to direct, it would be interesting to see him take on a project that sounds vastly different than the high-speed adventures of Vin Diesel and company.

Do you think Toymageddon sounds like a good fit for Lin, or would you prefer he focus his energies elsewhere? Let us know in the comments section below.


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Source: THR

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