'Toy Story of Terror' TV Spot Features Graphic Potato Head Dismemberment

Buzz, Jessie and Woody in 'Toy Story of Terror'

'Toy Story Of TERROR!' First Look

The Toy Story movies have certainly had their darker moments, from the hellish depths of Sid's room in the first film to the gut-wrenching incinerator scene in Toy Story 3, but next month ABC will be airing a full-blown Toy Story horror special called Toy Story of Terror, presumably to herald the arrival of Halloween.

The toys might be settled into their new life with Bonnie, but that doesn't guarantee smooth sailing. Toy Story of Terror is an homage to classic horror movies that finds the gang holed up in a roadside motel for the night, surrounded by spooky goings-on. As toys start disappearing one by one, Woody and friends must solve the mystery of the supposedly haunted motel, all while having their actions narrated by Mr. Pricklepants (Timothy Dalton).

The first promo for Toy Story of Terror has now been released via Huffington Post, and shows the characters reunited on the screen once more, only to find themselves scattered and apparently under attack from some malevolent force. Toy Story of Terror was directed by Angus MacLane, who was also responsible for the WALL-E spin-off short BURN-E and the Toy Story short Small Fry, in which Buzz is usurped by a newer and more compact model.

Buzz, Jessie and Woody in 'Toy Story of Terror'

The promo features some of the great toy-related visual gags that are a trademark of the series, as well as horrors such as Potato Head falling apart under the pressure and Rex stepping in something sticky (considering they're in a motel bedroom, he'd better hope it's only ectoplasm).

It's unclear whether or not Pixar intends to make Toy Story 4, as was suggested by Tom Hanks a couple of years ago, but many fans of the franchise would no doubt be happy to settle for a lot more shorts and specials like this, rather than another big-screen adventure. Thirty minutes is probably a good length for a Toy Story special that mixes up the well-loved characters in with some classic horror tropes, and Toy Story of Terror looks like a great way to start getting in the mood for Halloween.


Source: Huffington Post

Toy Story of Terror airs on Wednesday, October 16 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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