Toy Story's Mutant Toys Get Revenge on Child's Play's Chucky in New Fan Poster

Toy Story 4 and Child's Play Fanmade Poster

In a new fan poster for Toy Story 4, Sid's mutant toys get revenge on Chucky from Child's Play. Chucky first appeared in the 1988 film Child's Play from director Tom Holland, while the mutant toys made their one and only big screen appearance in 1995's original Toy Story. Chucky was created after a serial killer named Charles Lee Ray put his soul into a Good Guy doll, although Chucky's origins were changed for the reboot. The mutant toys on the other hand were crafted by Andy's sadistic next door neighbor Sid, who would take apart toys and put them back together with different body parts.

While Child's Play and Toy Story are two very different franchises, both returned to the big screen this weekend. Toy Story 4 sees Woody reuniting with Bo Peep when the toys go on a road trip with Bonnie's family. Child's Play isn't as heartwarming as Pixar's newest outing, and is actually a reboot of the 1988 film, rather than being another sequel to the long-running horror series. The posters for Child's Play often poked fun at Toy Story, but now an artist has done the opposite.

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In a new fan poster from Jason A Messina, some of the toys from Toy Story attack Chucky for killing their friends. The marketing material for Child's Play was quite clever, showing Chucky killing Toy Story characters like Buzz, Woody, and even Rex and Mr. Potato Head. This artist flips that concept on its head and illustrates Babyface, Ducky, Hand-in-the-box, and Legs ripping Chucky to shreds. Jesse and one of the green Aliens can also be seen in the poster. Check out the brutal artwork below:

Child's Play and Toy Story 4 were no doubt targeting different audiences, but both have done relatively well with fans and critics. Most reviews for Toy Story 4 have praised Pixar for bringing a satisfying conclusion to the franchise. Child's Play has gotten mixed to positive reviews from fans and critics, with many people praising Aubrey Plaza for her role. It's too early to tell at this point how much each film will make opening weekend, but Disney will definitely come out on top, with Toy Story 4 expected to reach new box office heights for the series.

While Child's Play had a little more leeway when it came to their posters, the ones for Toy Story 4 were more straight forward. Child's Play was able to get away with referencing Toy Story in their posters, but Toy Story 4 obviously couldn't do the same given how strict Disney is. This fan poster for Toy Story 4 would've no doubt been fun for horror fans, but it wouldn't have really made sense since the mutant toys weren't in Toy Story 4; not to mention it would've scarred younger viewers.

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Source: Jason A Messina

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