New Toy Story Land Photos Offer Best Look Yet At Upcoming Disney Park

Disney Parks unveiled a sneak peek at the upcoming Toy Story Land that will be unveiled at the company's Hollywood Studios park on June 30 of this year. The photos reveal a family-style roller coaster, kiddie rides, new merchandise, and costume characters that will be present in the park. All new attractions feature popular toys and characters from the beloved Pixar franchise.

Disney has been busy revamping the company's amusement parks around the world. Upcoming attractions are planned that will include Marvel's superhero franchises in California, Hong Kong, and Paris. Star Wars and Marvel superhero-themed hotels are also planned. Along with these planned attractions, Disney has been working on a Toy Story themed land that will be housed in Hollywood Studios.

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Walt Disney World News has revealed photos of the planned Toy Story section of Hollywood Studios park. Swirling alien saucers, along the lines of Disneyland's spinning Alice in Wonderland style teacups, will feature the three-eyed, neon green aliens won by Sid at Pizza Planet. A family-style roller coaster is also planned that will allow visitors to ride inside Slinky the Dog as they are serenaded by Wheezy performing a spirited rendition of Randy Newman's "You've Got A Friend In Me". Check out these photos and more below:

Along with the planned rides, popular characters from the Toy Story franchise will be seen wandering through the park. Buzz Lightyear, Woody, and Jessie will be present for meet and greats, of course. Along with these beloved costumed figures, Sarge and his Green Army Men will periodically march throughout the park, allowing guests to interact in a family-friendly boot camp featuring oversized crayons, giant Pixar balls, and a spin on the classic children's game "Simon Says." As seen in the photo above, the costumed actors each portray a classic Green Army Man pose.

The park's guests will be able to commemorate their visit with exclusive toys and products designed specifically for the new section of the park. As seen in the above series of photos, a new toy figure featuring Slinky the Dog will be available. The rings on the toy light up and it can be stretched to be worn around the waist. Slinky also adorns newly designed headbands, along with the three-eyed Pizza Planet aliens. Shirts depicting popular characters from the Toy Story franchise that read "I played there" will be available to early visitors to let friends and family know they were one of the first to attend the new attraction.

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Source: WDW News

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