What Is The Font In The Toy Story Logo?

What font makes up the classic Toy Story logo? The original Toy Story arrived in 1995 and told the story of a bunch of sentient toys owned by a boy named Andy, who have to deal with the arrival of cool new toy Buzz Lightyear. Andy’s previous favorite toy Woody (voiced by Tom Hanks) is instantly jealous of Buzz, but the two are eventually forced to work together when they're stranded in the real world. In addition to being Pixar’s first movie, it was also the first animated feature to be completely computer generated.

Despite the enormous success of the original, 1999's Toy Story 2 was initially conceived of as a straight to video project. When Disney was impressed with how it was progressing, it was upgraded to a theatrical release and became an even bigger success than the original. Pixar was reluctant to develop another sequel without a good concept, so fans had to wait over a decade for Toy Story 3, where the toys have to deal with the realization that teenage Andy has no use for them anymore. It was a funny and surprisingly melancholy capper to the trilogy.

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It came as something of a shock when Pixar later announced Toy Story 4 was being developed, with many seeing the third movie as a perfect ending. The next adventure will find Woody and the gang on a road trip with their new owner Bonnie and being suddenly reunited with Bo Peep. The new entry will also bring back the logo, with the distinctive Toy Story font being part of the series since the very beginning.

toy story 3 poster

The Toy Story font perfectly capture the tone of the series, but some fans might be curious what the font itself is actually called. The bulk of the title appears to be made from a font called Gill Sans Ultra Bold, with some custom tweaking to make certain letters bolded. Gill Sans is typically a copyrighted font that needs to be purchased for commercial use, though there are free fonts that are similar in style to the Toy Story logo that can be found online.

It appears Toy Story 4 will definitely mark the end of the franchise, with both Tom Hanks and Tim Allen warning of the movie’s emotional ending. Some fans are still skeptical the new entry will top the satisfying ending of the previous movie, but the fourth movie is shaping up to be a worthy finale. It will also mark the final time the Toy Story font will grace a poster too, so hopefully, it will prove to be a fitting end of an era.

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