Toy Story Meets Child’s Play In New Trailer Mashup

Chucky and Toy Story Mashup

A new fan-made trailer mashes together Toy Story with Child's Play. The first Toy Story was released in 1995 and centered around a group of toys that come to life when their owners aren't around; Child's Play, on the other hand, was a horror movie released in 1988 about a serial killer trapped inside of a toy doll.

Since all three Toy Story movies were created in collaboration between Disney and Pixar, the films are very family-friendly and suitable for most kids. All seven of the Child's Play movies have been rated R, which has resulted in many twisted storylines since the franchise's inception in the '80s. Now, with the resurgence of both the Toy Story and Child's Play franchises in 2019, a new fan-made trailer splices the two together with disturbing results.

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Trailer Blend shared their Child's Play and Toy Story mashup trailer on YouTube. The video is about a minute and a half, taking the audio from the new Child's Play teaser trailer and combining it with clips from the first three Toy Story films. In the trailer, the character Woody stands in for Chucky. Check out the full trailer below:

Both Toy Story and Child's Play have gathered huge fan bases over the decades and both franchises are set to return to the big screen this year. Toy Story 4 is hitting theaters this summer, which will feature the return of Bo Peep, some new characters, and involves a carnival settingChild's Play, on the other hand, is being rebooted and will feature a high tech Chucky called a Buddi doll. Chucky is also making his television debut with an 8-part series that will be released on Syfy, bringing Brad Dourif back to voice the possessed doll.

Since these two movies are from two very different genres, it makes it that much creepier that the audio from the Child's Play trailer goes so well with clips from Toy Story. Some of these scenes even match exactly what happens in the Child's Play trailer. There have been some dark moments in the Toy Story trilogy - like when Buzz is pushed out the window or when the gang is nearly incinerated - but it would be a stretch to consider Toy Story as part of the horror genre. That being said, it's certainly eerie how easily Toy Story can make the transition into horror so seamlessly with little more than some editing and a new audio track.

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Source: Trailer Blend

Key Release Dates
  • Toy Story 4 (2019) release date: Jun 21, 2019
  • Child's Play (2019) release date: Jun 21, 2019
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