Pixar Has Not Discussed Toy Story 5 (Yet)

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Toy Story 4 director Josh Cooley reveals Pixar has not had any discussions about a possible fifth installment in the franchise at this point in time. The entire Pixar legacy kicked off with the original Toy Story in 1995, which was the first feature-length computer animated film. Not only was it a landmark from a technical perspective, the narrative's strong sense of humor and heart made it connect with audiences of all ages. Due to Toy Story's overwhelming success, two sequels (released in 1999 and 2010, respectively) were released.

As many know, that third film ended with a poignant sequence of a grown-up Andy passing his toys down to the younger Bonnie and bidding old friends Woody and Buzz Lightyear farewell. The prevailing belief was that Toy Story 3 was the ideal finale to the series, but Pixar couldn't resist returning to the well for this week's Toy Story 4. Fortunately, the latest entry is said to live up to the (very) high bar set by its predecessors and apparently has its own heart-wrenching ending to boot. This time, however, it looks like Toy Story has reached its definite conclusion.

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In an interview with /Film, Cooley stated that so far, there haven't been any talks about a fifth Toy Story movie. He even went as far to say, "I would be totally happy if this was the end." Producer Mark Neilsen added that since Pixar's primary focus has been on completing Toy Story 4, the thought of another adventure hasn't crossed their minds, but teased "we never know what the future holds."

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It's worth pointing out that Pixar is not developing any more sequels after Toy Story 4, choosing instead to develop original movies like next year's Onward. As successful (critically and commercially) the last batch of Pixar followups have been, many of the studio's fans would agree Pixar was at its apex during the 2000s, when it produced a string of original films that were consistently excellent in all facets. There's no denying it's fun to catch up with Woody, Mr. Incredible, or Dory, but it's arguably more exciting to see Pixar stretch its creative wings and come up with something fresh. In the past, they've made people get emotional about a rat who can cook, a lonely robot, and an old man with a flying house, so there's no telling what else they have in store as they look ahead into the 2020s.

Then again, even those who work at Pixar were convinced Toy Story 3 was the end, but Andrew Stanton secretly wrote a Toy Story 4 screenplay. Perhaps someone at the studio is brainstorming a fifth entry, although the general consensus within the company seems to be that Woody's arc is now resolved and it's time to let things be. If this is truly it for everyone's favorite collection of toys, fans can take solace knowing Pixar hit yet another home run and Toy Story 4 is a worthwhile and necessary chapter in its franchise.

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