Toy Story 4: Woody and Bo Peep Are Destined For Each Other

Woody and Bo Peep in Toy Story 4

Toy Story 4's Woody and Bo Peep are destined for one another. It’s been 24 years since audiences first got to know the animated cast of Pixar’s highly successful Toy Story franchise, and because the toys have been through a lot in that time, their personalities, quirks, and eccentricities have evolved into rich, satisfying characters.

In fact, the Toy Story franchise is arguably one of the few animated franchises that has imparted such a high degree of humanity into its characters that many fans now feel as strongly about the likes of Buzz, Woody, and the rest of the gang as they would human actors. For some time, it looked as though Toy Story would go no further than its third installment back in 2010, but now, almost a decade later, a new Toy Story is on its way. So far, the early word on the film is that it has a lot of heart and offers a pretty hefty story that incorporates characters both old and new.

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While there are plenty of questions still being asked about Toy Story 4 and its characters, one pressing question in particular was brought up during the Toy Story 4 press conference, at which Screen Rant happened to be in attendance. When asked if the Woody and Bo Peep characters would ever get married, Tom Hanks revealed that Woody has known since 1994 that Bo Peep “was the figurine for him” and that both characters know that “there is no substitution for love in this crazy, kooky, confusing world.” You can check out Hanks’ entire response in the video below:

The general reaction from the audience at the press conference when Hanks speaks about Woody and Bo’s relationship is an emotional one, eliciting “awws” from many in attendance. This reaction seems to be in line with everything that has been said and written about Toy Story 4 to date. Even the production of the film was filled with heartfelt moments, as was previously pointed out by the likes of Hanks and co-star Tim Allen. And because Pixar has no current plans to continue on with the Toy Story franchise once Toy Story 4 is released, emotion seems ingrained in the film already, even with the release date a couple weeks away as of this writing. Once again, this can largely be attributed to the characters, with whom many fans have grown up.

This being said, it’s very hard to believe that Pixar will simply walk away from Toy Story after the fourth installment. As things currently stand, and if all the early reviews are to be believed, it sounds as though Toy Story 4 is going to be one of the biggest films of the summer. That may read like a bold statement given the box office carnage that Avengers: Endgame recently unleashed, but the fact of the matter is that people love the Toy Story gang, and if Woody and Bo are truly meant for one another, there’s still much to explore in this sprawling animated universe.

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