Toy Story 4 Tickets Officially Go On Sale

Woody and Bo Peep in Toy Story 4

Toy Story 4 tickets officially go on sale a few weeks prior to the film's theatrical release. Pixar's flagship franchise returns to the multiplex this summer with another installment that promises to be as entertaining and heartfelt as its predecessors. When the film was first announced way back in 2014, some expressed doubts that Toy Story 4 could be a worthy continuation of what many consider to be one of the industry's most perfect trilogy, but the conversation surrounding the movie has swung in a much more positive direction now that the marketing campaign is well under way.

The first couple of trailers in particular played up Toy Story 4's heavy themes of existentialism, setting the stage for a narrative where Woody confronts his place in the world and tries to discover his true purpose. In Pixar's eyes, Woody has always been the protagonist of the series, and though his time with Andy ended in Toy Story 3, there was still at least one more chapter in Woody's story to tell. It won't be much longer until fans can see it for themselves on the big screen, and now they have a chance to secure their seats for opening weekend.

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Today, Pixar announced tickets for Toy Story 4 are officially available for pre-order. Check out the announcement promo in the space below:

It goes without saying that Toy Story 4 should be another massive box office success for Disney next month. Pixar's box office track record is virtually spotless (The Good Dinosaur is the only movie of theirs to lose money), and Toy Story in particular is one of their most popular brands. Back in 2010, Toy Story 3 opened with a then Pixar record $110.3 million domestically and earned $415 million in the States. It also grossed over $1 billion worldwide, speaking to the cross-generational appeal of the brand. People of all ages love the Toy Story films, and there's no reason to believe the fourth one is going to fall short of expectations. Even if it isn't as big a critical darling as the previous three films (a high bar to clear indeed), Toy Story should be pretty critic-proof at this point and score a substantial debut.

Seeing familiar faces like Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and friends is always welcome, but this will probably be the last time for a while audiences get to watch them on the big screen. Following Toy Story 4, Pixar is going to go back to a focus on original programming (like next year's Onward), rather than produce more sequels. That gives Toy Story 4 a sense of finality around it, which may help its box office prospects overall (not that it needs additional aid). It'll be interesting to see how much the film makes, but the Mouse House's 2019 winning streak will remain alive.

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  • Toy Story 4 (2019) release date: Jun 21, 2019
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