Toy Story 4 Gets Uncredited Thor: Ragnarok Writer

Stephany Folsom is taking over scripting duties on Toy Story 4. Disney is a machine that keeps on rolling, and the same goes for their praised animation studio Pixar. The studio routinely puts out some of the best animated movies each and every year, and also has a library that boasts some all-time classics. It all started back in 1995 with Toy Story, and Pixar brought the franchise back in 2010 for Toy Story 3. While many fans left the theater thinking that was the perfect way to close out Woody and Buzz's adventures, Pixar wants to keep it going.

They've been developing Toy Story 4 for a number of years now, and it hasn't been the smoothest development. The film has been delayed multiple times, and is now set to be released next June. That isn't too far away, and the difficulties haven't stopped yet. The latest came in the midst of John Lasseter's inappropriate behavior and saw Toy Story 4 lose it's writers. Thankfully, it now has one.

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Deadline reports Stephany Folsom is taking over and will now write the script for Toy Story 4. Folsom is a Blacklist writer with very little credits to her name and was involved in a bit of controversy last year after she was denied credit by the WGA for her work on Thor: Ragnarok. She was brought in to punch up the script for the MCU flick, so she shouldn't have a problem stepping into this one either.

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Since it isn't known how exactly Folsom contributed to Ragnarok, her hiring isn't the easiest to gauge. That said, she did land on the highly revered Blacklist for her original script 1969 A Space Odyssey: Or How Kubrick Learned to Stop Worrying and Land on the Moon. Pixar surely didn't make this decision lightly, and have now given Folsom quite the task to get her first feature film writing credit.

Story elements of Toy Story 4 haven't been shared in quite some time, and there's no telling to what level Folsom will rewrite. Earlier plot details pointed to Woody and Buzz being on the search to find Bo Peep, but that was back in 2015. Former writer's Rashida Jones and Will McCormack leaving coupled with the potential previous imprint from Lasseter could result in Folsom heavily tweaking the script and story for Toy Story 4. The movie will also mark the first feature credit for director Josh Cooley, so Toy Story 4 may just usher in plenty of new talent behind-the-scenes, while reusing the familiar characters that made the franchise so beloved.

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Source: Deadline

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