Toy Story Theory: Can Anything Come To Life As A Toy?

Anything may be able to come to life as a toy in the Toy Story world, and Toy Story 4 may finally explain how. Pixar began its reign as one of the premiere animated studios in 1995 with the release of the first Toy Story. The simple idea of toys coming to life when humans aren't paying attention sparked the imaginations of millions, all while making Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and the rest of Andy's toys iconic characters.

The Toy Story franchise currently is a trilogy and many believe Toy Story 3 was the best conclusion possible, but Pixar is set to tell one more story in this universe later this year. Toy Story 4 will show how the lives of these toys have changed now that Bonnie is their owner. This doesn't just mean a new setting, but a whole new batch of toys. The first new reveal came in the first Toy Story 4 teaser trailer, which introduced the world to Forky. Unlike almost every other living toy in this franchise, Forky is clearly not originally a toy - so how is he alive? We have a theory that Toy Story 4 can prove.

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In the latest video from Screen Rant, we dig deep into the mythology of the Toy Story franchise to try and figure out if anything can come to life as a toy in this Pixar universe. Using all three films and some of Pixar's short films from this universe, we think we've cracked the code. Watch the video below to find out:

The idea of a child's imagination being the inciting incident for an inanimate object to become a living toy makes plenty of sense in the Toy Story world. This has been set up through Hamm going above and beyond the service of a typical piggy bank, how Sid created his own toys, and more. If our theory is true though, then Forky presents the next evolution of this idea. Whereas the imagination of a child helped bring actual toys, bathroom safety devices, and more to life, Forky will be the first example of a child creating a toy out of a regular object.

However Toy Story 4 does address the creation of Forky, it will need to do so at some point in the film. Although many may not focus too heavily on the rules of the Toy Story universe and what can and cannot come to life, not explaining Forky's newfound life will leave the franchise in unclear territory. After all, if a spork can come to life in the universe, then Toy Story isn't too far away from adopting the same rules as Sausage Party, where anything and everything can come alive. We'll have to wait till this summer to see whether or not Toy Story 4 explains Forky's backstory, though.

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