Toy Story 4's Post-Credits Resolves the Movie's Most Glaring Cliffhanger

Toy Story 4 Post Credits Scene Duke Caboom

SPOILERS for Toy Story 4 ahead.

The Toy Story 4 post-credits scene resolves the most glaring and egregious cliffhanger in the film, providing some closure for moviegoers. As seen in the Toy Story 4 trailers, Woody (Tom Hanks) sets out on a journey to rescue Bonnie's new favorite toy, one she made out of a spork, pipe cleaners and some other craft supplies, creating Forky (Tony Hale). Along the way, he reunites with Bo Peep (Annie Potts) and meets a host of kid-less toys like Gabby Gabby (Christina Hendricks), a trio of Combat Carls (Carl Weathers), Ducky and Bunny (Keegan Michael-Key and Jordan Peele) and Duke Caboom (Keanu Reeves).

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Toy Story 4 ends with Woody giving up his life with Bonnie in order to find a place for himself in the world where he's happier and more fulfilled. It's a satisfying ending for Woody, who struggles with being sidelined by Bonnie in favor of other toys after being Andy's favorite. In fact, some may argue Toy Story 4 is a better ending to the Pixar franchise than Toy Story 3 was. Further, the Toy Story 4 mid-credits scenes show Woody and Bo helping other toys find homes with kids, offering even more closure by giving Woody a new purpose.

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But the movie has one glaring cliffhanger that may leave viewers feeling unsatisfied. At least, until the Toy Story 4 post-credits scene at the very end of the movie. Up until that point, one of the three Combat Carl action figures was routinely left hanging when he offered a high five to his fellow toys. For anyone who's ever experienced the shame and humiliation of being left hanging for a high five, it's a bittersweet joke in the movie. And unfortunately neither Combat Carl nor the viewer gets closure - until the very end of Toy Story 4 when Duke Caboom finally gives Combat Carl a high five in the film's post-credits scene.

Woody Bo Peep and Duke Caboom in Toy Story 4

The scene provides some closure to a simple, but glaring cliffhanger in Toy Story 4. Certainly, it doesn't have any ramifications on the main plot of the film, nor does it affect any of the main characters. Combat Carl only appears briefly, not even enough for the high five gag to be considered a running joke. But the fact that Combat Carl never gets his high five is a detail that many moviegoers may still remember through to the end of the film, and it's clear Pixar knew they would need some kind of resolution. Thankfully, it's a joyous resolution, as Duke Caboom is more than happy to provide Combat Carl with his long-awaited high five.

It may not be the kind of post-credits scene some Toy Story fans wanted to see, but it's a satisfying conclusion to the film. Further, it seemed unlikely the movie would use a credits scene to tease Toy Story 5 since Pixar hasn't discussed whether there will be another entry in the franchise just yet. Of course, since Toy Story 4 was being planned during Toy Story 3, who knows - someone at Pixar may have ideas for another movie already (a Duke Caboom spinoff perhaps?). For now, though, Pixar is focusing on original movies after Toy Story 4 so any sequels or spinoffs are no doubt taking the back seat for a few years. Thankfully, Toy Story 4 provides closure to all its storylines, from Woody finding his new purpose to Combat Carl finally getting his high five.

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