Toy Story 4's Onward Easter Egg Finally Revealed

This year's Toy Story 4 had an Easter egg that links to Pixar's 2020 film, Onward. Pixar has a history of adding a bunch of Easter eggs in their films, as well as references to past and upcoming films, and Toy Story 4 was no exception. Viewers have been finding a bit of everything in the film, from Monsters Inc’s Boo to the famous Pizza Planet van, but following the tradition, the film also includes an Easter egg for Onward, Pixar’s next big film – and it has been found by a very dedicated fan.

Toy Story 4 gave Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and the rest of the gang one last adventure along with a new toy, Forky. This adventure turned into a very emotional ride when Woody reunited with long-lost friend Bo Peep and found a new meaning to his purpose as a toy. The story took the toys to a fairground, where they met plush toys Ducky (Keegan-Michael Key) and Bunny (Jordan Peele), but also where a lot of Easter eggs where hidden, including the long-awaited Onward reference.

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The Easter egg was found by YouTuber Jace Diehl, who explained his research process in detail. The Onward Easter egg can be found at the fair, but it’s not as clear as others. In fact, Diehl had to fast-forward the film to the very end, where there’s a shot of the whole fair. The Easter egg can be found on the bouncy castle. The castle has a Pegasus at the top, which upon closer inspection looks a lot like the one on Ian and Barley’s van, as seen in the poster and trailers of Onward. Nobody said it was going to be an obvious or easy to find Easter egg, after all. Given the fact that Toy Story 4 released only a few weeks after Onward's first poster and teaser debuted, it makes sense that fans didn't catch it right away; they perhaps weren't looking for it.

Onward Movie Poster Cropped

Directed by Dan Scanlon (Monsters University), Onward is set in a magical world where elves, trolls, goblins, mermaids, gnomes, and a bunch of other mythical creatures coexist. Of course, magic is a big part of this world, but it has been losing it as its inhabitants have begun to use machines like cellphones and cars instead of good old magic. Brothers Ian (Tom Holland) and Barley Lightfoot receive a magical spear that allows them to bring back their dead father for one day, but the spell goes wrong when only half of him returns. So they go on a quest to discover if there’s still some magic in the world that can help them bring their father back in his full form.

Many viewers were probably expecting to see a plush toy of one of the Lightfoot brothers, or a figurine of a fairy at the antique store, but the Easter egg (assuming this is truly it) turned out to be more hidden, so much that it blended perfectly with its surroundings. It makes sense that it took time for the Onward Easter egg to be found as well, since Pixar put thousands upon thousands of items in the fair, antique shop, and more. They outdid themselves with the fourth Toy Story film, and they'll probably do so again with Onward. It’s always fun to see the creative ways Pixar finds to hide references to other films (which builds to a Pixar universe), even if they have nothing in common, like Toy Story 4 and Onward.

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