Toy Story 4 International Poster Unites The Gang & Includes New Toys

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An international poster for Toy Story 4 reunites the classic band of characters while also spotlighting some of the sequel's new faces. This summer, Pixar's flagship franchise returns for a fourth installment, which hits theaters nine years after Toy Story 3 seemingly ended the series on a perfect sendoff. Despite the inherent risk that comes with revisiting this particular property, those involved with the project have assured fans it'll be a worthwhile chapter in this saga. Both Tom Hanks and Tim Allen have said they had trouble recording some scenes due to how emotional things were.

Fans still have to wait a little more than four months to see if Toy Story 4 was worth the wait (and the trouble it took to make it) and all Disney can do at this juncture is generate hype with a marketing campaign. After getting things started in late 2018 with a pair of teasers focusing on fresh additions to the cast, promotion continued this past weekend with a Super Bowl TV spot. Now, a new one-sheet has been unveiled, bringing the collection of toys together in one place.

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Twitter account DisInsider shared the poster, featuring the main ensemble against a carnival backdrop. The carnival has been a major point of emphasis in Toy Story 4 advertising thus far, implying that a majority of the action takes place there. Check out the poster in the space below:

As has been the case with a majority of previous Toy Story 4 marketing materials, this one-sheet calls attention to the new characters that should factor heavily into the narrative. Chief among them is Bo Peep (positioned at the top with Woody and Buzz Lightyear), who's obviously gone through some changes since audiences last saw her in 1999's Toy Story 2. With a revamped design and attitude, Bo is shaping up to be one of the film's more intriguing aspects. Based on the synopsis, her return into Woody's life challenges the cowboy doll's longstanding perception of what it means to be a toy. From the sound of things, Toy Story 4 will give the franchise's protagonist something of an existential crisis to deal with as he makes sense of the world around him.

In a way, that setup could be a fascinating way for the Toy Story franchise to continue its penchant of growing up with its original target audience. Those who were children when the first movie premiered in 1995 are now likely done with college and have moved on to the next stage of their adult lives - possibly settling into a routine where they're set in their ways of what they want to be (much like Woody will be at the start of Toy Story 4). It's not uncommon for people to have experiences where their outlook on life is blown wide open and they have to decide the best path for themselves. Pixar is renowned for integrating mature topics and themes into their family films, so it wouldn't be surprising if Toy Story 4 dealt with some heavy subject matter on top of the carnival antics.

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Source: DisInsider

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