Toy Story 4 Final Trailer Highlights Duke Caboom & Comedic Moments

Woody Bo Peep and Duke Caboom in Toy Story 4

The final trailer for Toy Story 4 is officially released online. To date, Pixar has put together a strong marketing campaign for their latest blockbuster, calming many nerves fans had about returning to this beloved franchise. Toy Story 3's ending is widely regarded as one of the most perfect and poignant conclusions in cinema, so there was always an inherent risk in making a fourth movie. But with advertising materials teasing plenty of humor and a dramatic existential crisis for WoodyToy Story 4 looks to be a worthy successor to the films that came before it.

Indeed, nobody understands the pressure for Toy Story 4 to deliver more than the filmmakers, who scrapped a majority of the original script and expanded the initial premise so the movie to live up to the very high standard the studio has set for themselves over the last two decades. While some of the earlier bits of promotion raised some red flags, Toy Story 4 now looks like it'll deliver the ending the franchise always deserved. With a month to go until the film's premiere (as of this writing), there's time for one last marketing push.

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Today, Pixar released the final Toy Story 4 trailer. You can watch it for yourself in the space below:

Unlike the other theatrical previews (which played up the heavier thematic elements), this final trailer leans more on the fun and comedy, including plenty of moments designed to get laughs. Keanu Reeves' Duke Caboom is a definite highlight here, showing off his impressive repertoire of stunts. The duo of Bunny and Ducky (voiced by Keegan Michael-Key and Jordan Peele) also get some time to shine, including a bit at the very end where they perform the "Plush Rush" to steal a key. All in all, this final trailer is very lighthearted when compared to the other materials, which does make sense. Even though this is a Pixar film and heart-wrenching emotions will be a part of the viewing experience, it's still a summer family movie that should be fun for people of all ages.

That being said, it's still interesting to see that Toy Story 4 is rated G, as several of Pixar's recent offerings (like Finding Dory, Cocoand Incredibles 2) were rated PG. In retrospect, Toy Story 3 could have been rated PG, especially considering the traumatizing incinerator sequence and the tear-jerking finale where Andy gave each of his toys an individual goodbye. But despite there being plot points such as Woody questioning his place in the world and newcomer Forky having an identity crisis of his own, the feeling is that even the youngest children will be able to handle whatever Pixar throws their way. It'll be fascinating to see how Toy Story 4 plays out.

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