Toy Story 4 Passes $1 Billion At Worldwide Box Office

Toy Story 4 becomes the latest film of 2019 (and fifth from Disney this year) to reach the $1 billion mark at the worldwide box office.

Toy Story 4 becomes the latest film of 2019 to pass the $1 billion mark at the worldwide box office. There was a point in time when earning that much was considered an incredible accomplishment, but now Hollywood blockbusters hit the $1 billion mark with regularity. As a matter of fact, in the span of five days, three of this summer's biggest hits - Spider-Man: Far From Home, Aladdin, and The Lion King - reached the milestone. The not-so-exclusive club is now up to 43 movies, many of which were released this past decade.

One of those $1 billion earners is Toy Story 3, which dominated the multiplex nine summers ago with a poignant and emotional chapter that seemingly ended the trilogy on a perfect note. But Pixar eventually felt there was more to the story and surprisingly moved ahead with Toy Story 4, which came out this past June. Despite numerous behind-the-scenes problems and intense skepticism from fans, Toy Story 4 earned widespread praise, furthering the franchise's legacy as the industry's best. And the film is also a winner at the box office.

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According to CNN's Frank Pallotta, Toy Story 4 has now made $1 billion worldwide. It's the fourth Pixar film overall to make that much commercially. Finding Dory, Incredibles 2, and the aforementioned Toy Story 3 are the others.

Woody and Bo Peep in Toy Story 4

When Toy Story 4 premiered in June, it scored the highest opening weekend in the franchise, but still performed below initial expectations. Originally, analysts thought it would set a new all-time record for animated films, though it couldn't beat the mark set by Incredibles 2 last year. Despite that, Toy Story 4 had an incredibly healthy run, particularly since it had a monopoly over its target demographic. Releasing a couple of weeks after The Secret Life of Pets 2 (which paled in comparison to its predecessor), Toy Story 4 was the clear animated movie of choice for the moviegoing public for a significant stretch in late summer. There were other studio tentpoles that opened, but no other family films that went after the same audience.

With this development, Toy Story 4 is the fifth Disney film of 2019 to reach $1 billion. It's worth pointing out the lone outlier, Far From Home, is a direct product of Marvel Studios' partnership with Sony, so technically the Mouse House had a hand in all six. The studio has long ruled the box office, but this year that's been even more true. There's truly no slowing down Disney, and they have a couple of more major films on the way. It would be a true surprise if Frozen 2 and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker weren't able to make $1 billion by the time their respective runs ended.

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Source: Frank Pallotta

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