Toy Story 4 Final Poster & New TV Spot Spotlight Woody, Buzz & Bo Peep

The final Toy Story 4 poster and a new TV spot focus on the trio of Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and Bo Peep. A supporting character in the first two installments, Bo was absent in 2010's Toy Story 3, with dialogue revealing she had presumably fallen victim to one of the family's yard sales. Several years later, her story looks to be getting a proper resolution. In Toy Story 4, Bo returns with an all-new look and attitude that may force Woody to reconsider what, exactly, it means to be a toy. For an undisclosed period of time, Bo's been living without an owner and seemingly enjoying life.

Several Toy Story 4 marketing materials, including the most recent trailer, have spotlighted Bo's role, teasing an emotional journey to come. Given her connection to Woody in particular (the two were essentially love interests in the first couple of movies), it'll be interesting to see how she factors into the narrative and forces the franchise's protagonist to change. In the meantime, Pixar keeps Bo in the forefront by releasing a new poster and TV spot.

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The studio officially unveiled them today. In addition to Bo, the TV promo makes sure to highlight Ducky and Bunny, two carnival prizes voiced by Keegan Michael-Key and Jordan Peele, respectively. The duo is among several newcomers to the series and have already been featured numerous times throughout the campaign. Check out the latest in the space below:

Pixar's Toy Story 4 advertising campaign has two distinct sides to it. The theatrical trailers tap into that classic heart-wrenching emotion the studio's known for, setting the stage for a thematically rich film. Using "Both Sides Now" as the soundtrack for the initial teaser clued viewers in that the movie would delve into existentialism and making sense of one's place in the world. In contrast, the TV spots have taken a considerably less heavy approach, playing into the comedy that'll be present. Ducky and Bunny were co-stars in Toy Story 4's Super Bowl spot, and here their reaction to a poor toy being torn apart by a cat is worth a chuckle or two. It's smart for Pixar to illustrate that fun hijinks are part of the film, since many are already planning to bring tissues to the theater.

Given how poignant the ending of Toy Story 3 was, there's always been a considerable amount of risk associated with returning to this well. If Pixar doesn't stick the landing, they would unfortunately muck up the enduring Toy Story legacy, but hopefully that isn't the case here. Both Tom Hanks and Tim Allen had difficulties recording their last scenes due to how affecting they were, indicating this latest sequel is going to live up to the very high bar set by its predecessors. Even if Toy Story 4 doesn't go down as the best the series has to offer, it should be another worthwhile addition.

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