Toy Story 4 Blu-ray Release Date & Special Features Revealed

Pixar reveals Toy Story 4 will be available digitally Oct. 1, then the physical version on Oct. 8 - and there will be plenty of bonus features.

Toy Story 4 Woody

The Toy Story 4 Blu-ray release date and special features have been revealed. The latest film in the Toy Story series released back in June, and has grossed over $1 billion.

Out of all Pixar's franchises, Toy Story is arguably the most successful. Beginning in 1995, Toy Story captivated audiences with its unique storyline of toys that were alive. In the first film, Woody met Buzz Lightyear, a kind of superhero who didn't realize he was a toy until later in the story. Although their relationship started out rocky, Woody and Buzz would become one of the most iconic duos in pop culture. The second film introduced Jesse, a cowgirl toy who would become a mainstay. The third film, and the most successful, released in 2010 and was the first Pixar film to cross $1 billion. Many fans thought that would be it for the series, but Pixar surprised everyone by bringing back the gang for another adventure. Although Toy Story 4 had the best box office opening in the series, it interestingly has not out-grossed Toy Story 3. Despite that, Toy Story 4 is a big success, and soon fans will be able to experience the story again at home.

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Pixar announced today that Toy Story 4 will be available to purchase digitally on October 1. The physical home media version will follow a week later, on October 8. In addition, the special features have been confirmed. There will be six deleted scenes. The digital version will have one additional, exclusive deleted scene. Another bonus feature will focus on the process that went into re-imagining Bo Peep for the movie. There will also be a feature exploring the iconic friendship between Woody and Buzz, mini-docs on the film's new characters featuring the voice actors, a feature where the "cast and crew share their love of toys," and a look into "Pixar's dialogue recording" featuring Ally Maki, the voice of Giggle McDimples. The digital release will have an exclusive feature titled "Anatomy of a Scene: Prologue," where the cast talk about key scenes and the methods utilized to breathe life into them. All of this isn't even the end, because Pixar promises an "Audio Commentary, Trailers and more!"

One thing to keep in mind is that Pixar says the bonus features "may vary by retailer." Just in case, to ensure one gets the desired features, it would be best to compare the releases of different retailers. Now, as for the features themselves, it sounds like fans should be pleased with the content. There are plenty of deleted scenes, and fans of Bo Peep should have a good time seeing how she got rebooted for the film. The Woody and Buzz feature should prove nostalgic, and a fine sendoff considering the two parted ways at the end of Toy Story 4.

It's hard to say if Toy Story 4 will be the last film in the series. Director Josh Cooley did say there was currently no discussions for Toy Story 5. So for now, it's safe to say that Toy Story will be concluded for at least a little while. Although many argue Toy Story 3 had the perfect ending for the series, the fourth film managed to go beyond that to put an ending on Woody's character arc. In a little over a month, it will be time experience Toy Story 4 again.

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Source: Pixar

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