Trailer For Toy Story 3D Double Feature!

You’ve done it again, Disney (and Pixar).  All the years that I’ve spent convincing myself that I am free of the tractor beam that is the Magic of Disney™, and once again, I’m off the wagon.

I had relinquished my love/addiction to Disney.  Their magical touch had enchanted me too long with greats like Lion King, or Aladdin, and even The Little Mermaid (if you’re not singing “Part of Your World” in your head right now, you’re soulless). I even went so far as to become a theme part cast member...for six years (true story). But I broke the spell, I cast off the classic demons and villains created over so many years of animation and rid myself of the drug that is Disney Magic.

And then this happened: Toy Story 1&2 in 3D!

Now, I was around when the first Toy Story came out; I was around when the second was a smash; and I’ve even managed to approach the prospect of Toy Story 3 with a healthy cynicism (though some indication that the shell is cracking). But this just pushed me over the edge; just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.

Hello, my name is Jake, and I’m a Disney-aholic.  I NEED ONE MORE HIT.

And one more hit they shall deliver.  My biggest concern initially was that Disney was going to re-release these masterpieces (yes, masterpieces), embellished with silly, cheap 3D broomsticks in the eye, or shattering glass, or foreground add-ons.  And... Disney has not disappointed.  Based on this first trailer we'll get Jessie’s hands in our face, Buzz’s jet-pack, and we even get to see Rex’s tail up close after he’s joins the third dimension.

Check it out:



Even though this trailer promises all the hokey, mawkish tricks that can (and do) send so many 3D films spinning down the toilet, I am, nonetheless, hooked.

Not only can’t I wait to to revisit with my old friends Buzz, Woody, and the rest of the gang - I can’t wait to shriek in pre-adolescent glee as various objects, characters, and body parts come flying off the screen at me.  And I will duck, dodge, and dive; I will do everything in my power to avoid an errant rocket-propelled Buzz Lightyear, or a misdirected Lego, or whatever else is thrown my way.  What’s more, I will shutter in delight as I get to watch the hijinks of Buzz and Woody again, and I will giggle at even the most childish of jokes.

Because I’m an addict, and when Buzz tells me that I can see into the third dimension, you better believe I’ll be rocking those specs to school the next day.  Not to mention, I could watch that little desk lamp hop around to infinity and beyond.

If you or someone you know is addicted to Disney, call 777-FILM for show times and locations, operators are standing by.

Seriously though, the Toy Story 3D Double Feature will be in theaters for two weeks starting October 2nd. Check with your local theater for show times.

Source: MTV Movie Blog

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