Toy Story 3 Script Art

A couple of Pixar-dedicated sites - Pixar Talk, Pixar Planet and Pixar Blog - all snagged exclusive Toy Story 3 script art, rewarded to them by the studio they love.

The script art consists of some full-color sketches that will likely serve as the blueprint for actual scenes that turn up in the finished film. They're quite gorgeous (even as broad-stroked sketches) and are definitely worthy of a look.

The pics show off  such funny and/or touching moments as Andy, now all grown up, still showing affection for his beloved playthings; Woody (Tom Hanks) and Buzz (Tim Allen) shaking hands; the toys lining up for duty call by commander Woody; and even the toys sitting back to watch TV together. Only in a Toy Story flick...

Since they're exclusives, I'll just provide a quick preview of a few of the sketches - you can click on any one for a look at the larger-sized gallery. Check them out:

The way the characters are sketched here, with no mouths and button eyes - kinda feels like this would be Tim Burton's version of Toy Story, no? Still, as I said, the art direction is looking to be up to the high Pixar standard and that makes me happy.

Again, click on any one of the photos for a full-size gallery of pics. Totally worth a look.

Toy Story 3 will be in theaters June 18, 2010. You excited?

Sources: Pixar Talk, Pixar Planet and Pixar Blog

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