Fans of Pixar’s Toy Story franchise will be excited to know that, not only is it a few mere hours from the release of Toy Story 3, you may still have time to run to your local theater for a Toy Story marathon.

We’ll be posting our review very soon, but the film is garnering a lot of positive buzz so far – due to the rich additions to the cast as well as the trademark Pixar sense of humor.

As for the trilogy event, Toy Story 3 director, Lee Unkrich, tweeted a poster teasing the Toy Story marathon. In celebration of the Toy Story 3‘s release, select theaters in 20 different cities will be offering a triple feature – showing Toy Story and Toy Story 2 prior to the midnight release of Toy Story 3. While those of us on the east coast have missed the deadline – there’s still time for you Mountain and Pacific time-zoners to get your local theater.

The marathon is similar to the Twilight saga event we reported earlier this month. Check out the flier below to see if a theater in your city is participating in the Toy Story Marathon.

toy story marathon Toy Story 3 Marathon Takes Viewers to Infinity and Beyond!

If you’re still on the fence about Toy Story 3, make sure to check out the stills and video clips Disney released a couple days back for a taste of what to expect.

Personally, I was extremely skeptical of Toy Story 3 – not because I don’t trust Pixar. I’d just rather see them creating new IPs. Wall-E and Up were both technically impressive as well as extremely well crafted – not to mention emotional. So, it was hard for me to understand the point of revisiting a franchise that hadn’t seen a new installment for eleven years. While I was sure that I’d enjoy Toy Story 3, my feeling was that I would have enjoyed (insert new idea) more.

Toy Story 3 movie image 16 Toy Story 3 Marathon Takes Viewers to Infinity and Beyond!

However, the more recent Toy Story 3 trailers (that showcase the new film’s plot), not to mention Ken’s dating tips, have made me really hungry to reunite with my old friends… I mean toys.

That said, a part of me is still holding out hope for that Inception/Toy Story 3 mash-up.

When will you be seeing Toy Story 3? Think you might rush out to one of the Toy Story Marathons?

Toy Story 3 opens tonight – at Toy Story Marathons tonight around the country.

Twitter via /Film

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