New 'Toy Story 3' Trailer, Poster & Vintage Commercial

The promotional team over at Disney/Pixar are certainly earning their keep with regards to Toy Story 3 as they've now released a cool internet-exclusive trailer, a new movie poster, and even another fake "old" commercial for the latest animated adventure with Woody, Buzz, and the rest of the beloved Toy Story gang.

Today we have a new web-only trailer, which continues to develop the idea that Toy Story 3 will find Andy's old toys desperately trying to escape their nightmarish new home - Sunnyside Day Care Center - while facing down such everyday obstacles as bathroom stalls, locked doors, and an army of plastic red monkeys.

Yeah, life is tough when you're a toy. ;)


On a personal note, I do like how Toy Story 3 looks like it'll play around with the concept of the Toy Story gang being, well, toys.  It's funny but - looking back - the first two films didn't feature that much in the way of actual screen time showing Andy having fun with his playthings.  Hence, the Toy Story 3 gags with Buzz's multi-lingual abilities or the abuse the toys endure at the hands of the pre-schoolers feels fresh and inventive - as opposed to a rehash of the comedic elements we saw in the first two Toy Story films.

In addition to the new trailer, we have the latest (last?) Toy Story 3 poster, which shows the toys in action as they're pursued by the (toy) boss of Sunnyside - the strawberry-scented, lovable Lots-O'-Huggin'-Bear - and his gang of, er, miscreants (whom you can learn more about if you check out our gallery of new toy characters in Toy Story 3).

Finally, you might've missed our post earlier this week about the faux-vintage commercial Pixar created for who looks to be the" villain" of Toy Story 3, the cuddly Lots-O'-Huggin-Bear himself.

Well, now there's another fake 1980s advertisement for the elderly toy, only this time in the vein of old Japanese commercials - a bit that even includes a glance at the Anime version of Lots-O'-Huggin-Bear.

Just check it out below:


Toy Story 3 arrives in the U.S. in regular, 3D, and IMAX theaters on June 18, 2010.

Source: Cinema Blend, Empire, Youtube

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