Toy Story 3 Buzz Soars

It should come as no surprise to moviegoers that Pixar's upcoming Toy Story 3 is getting some great early reviews. A recent ShoWest screening of the uncompleted third installment has bloggers and critics in awe yet again by Pixar. Not only does the studio have a tremendous task in topping the first two Toy Story films, but also following Up, their first Best Picture nomination.

A handful of reliable bloggers have seen the latest cut at ShoWest in Las Vegas, and the buzz is reaching light years into space (sorry, I had to do it). Not to mention the entire screening was in 2D, which is an odd thing to complain about. But considering Pixar's skill at 3D animation, it can only get better.

From Hollywood Insider:

"Not only do the latest adventures of Buzz Lightyear and Cowboy Woody maintain the high quality that we're used to seeing with Pixar movies, but this one is also exceptionally emotional. I was surrounded by a group of adults and there were many tears shed throughout the film."

From Latino Review:

"The funniest scenes were between Ken and Barbie. Michael Keaton was hilarious as Ken and his relationship with Barbie was just like you thought it would be. And if you enjoyed the opening outer space scene in Toy Story 2, the opening scene with Woody, Buzz and the gang blows it away."

From Jim Hill:

" should bring Kleenex. Lots & lots of Kleenex. Because I can guarantee you that you're going to spend a good portion of the last 30 minutes of this film in tears."

In addition to the bloggers, Pixar's animators are just as thrilled. You would be hard pressed to find many on the staff of any movie bad-mouthing, but they don't exactly have to share their thoughts. Warren Trezevant recently visited Flashpoint Academy in Chicago and told students everybody is teeming with excitement and eager to share it with the world.

Assuming all the word of mouth is correct, I can't think of any trilogies with more consistency than Toy Story. I'll let you be the judge of that comment, but how anxious are you to see this film? I know I'll be watching the first two right before my midnight viewing. Toy Story 3 opens in IMAX 3D on June 18th.

Source: Hollywood Insider, Latino Review, Jim Hill

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