The Toxic Avenger Gets A Family Friendly Reboot

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What do the film franchises Rocky, Rambo, Saw, Friday the 13th, Halloween, Star Wars, Final Destination and Police Academy all have in common? If you said they all had way more sequels, reboots and remakes than they deserved, then you were right (except Rambo and Rocky because I loved the last two films from those franchises.)

Soon to be joining those ranks is the 80s iconic B-movie anti-hero The Toxic Avenger. According to Deadline, Original Media has partnered up with the Dutch TV company Endemol and acquired the rights to the franchise which includes 4 sequels, and animated TV series and a comic book line.  The remake/reboot of the film will be financed by Original Media and will be produced by Charles Corwin (who owns Original Media), Richard Saperstein and Akiva Goldsman.

The Toxic Avenger creator Lloyd Kaufman will co-produce with Herz Kay and Shara Kay while Kerry Foster of Weed Road Pictures will serve as executive producer for the film.

Several things about “Toxie,” as the avenging mutant is affectionately known, will change. The R rating is going to be reduced to a more family friendly PG-13, in the style of The Mask, and the superhero will become more environmentally conscious by going green. That means that Ed Begley Jr. could interested in the role... no one watches Living with Ed? OK then; moving on.

Here is the original story for The Toxic Avenger:

Melvin is the Tromaville Health Club mop boy who inadvertently, and naively, trusts the hedonistic, contemptuous and vain health club members, to the point of accidentally ending up in a vat of toxic waste. The devastating results then have a transmogrification effect, his alter ego is released, and the Toxic Avenger is born, to deadly and comical results. The local mop boy is now the local Superhero, the saviour of corruption, thuggish bullies and indifference.

This isn’t producer Saperstein’s first time at remaking a Troma film from the 80s. He recently worked with Brett Ratner on the Mother’s Day horror remake which was directed by Darren Bousman (Saw III, IV).

The Toxic Avenger and Lloyd Kaufman

When Screen Rant approached Toxic Avenger creator Lloyd Kaufman for comment regarding the upcoming project he had this somewhat puzzling statement:

"You should interview me about [TromaDance Film Festival] and then “Toxie” a bit later when I have more info. That way I'll know if the Tom Cruise deal is real."

File this under “HUH?!?"  because I have a hard time believing that Cruise would be involved with something so campy, so completely out of his element as The Toxic Avenger, but stranger things have been known to happen (example: Ridley Scott directing Monopoly, David Fincher directing The Social Network, J-Lo cast in anything). Let's assume that Mr. Kaufman's statement was thrown out in jest; but still, what if… nah!

Remaking something as campy as The Toxic Avenger really doesn’t hurt anybody. There should be no major outcry from the online fanboy world. I, for one, can’t wait to see what they do with the film. If they don’t go overboard with the political correctness and don’t over-"green” the film, then the movie could be quite a bit of fun to watch.

I’m not sure what to tell you about the Tom Cruise thing though. Maybe Kaufman was having a Cocktail during one of his Days of Thunder, which is Far and Away a very Risky Business. Then again, the Top Gun could very well just want to see The Color of Money.

Tom Cruise Les Grossman Spin-off Movie

What are your thoughts on the iconic cult 80s film The Toxic Avenger getting the remake treatment?

There is no release date for The Toxic Avenger.

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Source: Deadline

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