2016 Academy Awards Preview: Total Geekall – Episode 2

This week on Total Geekall, the unofficial-official podcast of the Screen Rant editors, Ben hosts Dyce, Hannah, and Sandy for a preview of the 2016 Academy Awards.

00:30 – Total Geekall Intro
03:00 – 2016 Oscar Preview
1:58:28 – Contact Info

You can listen to Episode 2 above and, in case you missed our debut episode, you can check Episode 1 out below (our Deadpool podcast review)

Deadpool Movie Review: Total Geekall – Episode 1

Total Geekall is the unofficial-official podcast of the ScreenRant.com editors. Hosted by Ben Kendrick, Rob Keyes, Andrew Dyce, and Hannah Shaw-Williams, Total Geekall is a fun discussion of the biggest movie, TV, video game, and geek-friendly topics of the week. Serving everyone from casual viewers to hardcore film nerds.

As with any good program, Total Geekall is a work-in-progress. We’ll be taking feedback over the coming weeks and months in order to put out the most informative and entertaining show we can – since you all deserve the best.

Total Geekall Podcast Art 2016 Academy Awards Preview: Total Geekall   Episode 2

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