Total Divas: 10 Most Hilarious Moments

With the wrestling industry already putting them into crazy enough circumstances, Total Divas is one of the funniest shows on television.

Reality television is designed to make you laugh, and it doesn't take itself too seriously. Putting those involved in ridiculous situations, the show is always going to spawn some seriously funny moments and Total Divas is no exception from that.

With the wrestling industry already putting them into crazy enough circumstances, Total Divas is one of the funniest shows on television. Whether it is the insane arguments they have, the amazing girls trips, or just some of the jokes that they share.

Each woman on the show brings something totally unique to each season, keeping the show fresh and funny. While highlighting just 10 specific moments will no doubt leave plenty others out, within this list we will rank the 10 funniest moments from the show.

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10 The Bella's Go Singing

We kickstart this list with a moment involving the two biggest names from Total Divas, Nikki and Brie, the Bella Twins. While the duo are excellent wrestlers, models, and actresses, they certainly cannot sing- as we learned during the show.

For some reason, the Bella Twins decided to head to a music recording studio to test their singing skills by belting out different songs, including their WWE theme songs.

While they certainly got an A for effort, it was easily an F for execution. Neither of them could sing at all, and it was quite frankly horrendous to listen to. While it wasn't great to listen to, there is no doubt that it was hilarious to watch.

9 Nikki & John Compete

While their relationship sadly has come to an end, that doesn't mean John Cena and Nikki Bella didn't have some great moments. The pair were infectious together and very funny, which was part of their charm on the show and made them a hit.

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One of the best examples is when they decided to get serious in competition. The pair of them decided to take each other on in a series of different challenges, including a game of beer pong.

It is just a situation that you don't expect to see Cena or Bella in and that makes it a lot of fun. The couple are totally relaxed and just allow the moment to happen, making for some naturally hilarious scenes.

8 Natalya Joins The Farm

One of the funniest moments from the latest season of Total Divas took place between Ronda Rousey and Natalya. Deciding to go spend some time at Rousey's house, what Nattie doesn't realise is that she lived on a huge farm which involves countless chores with animals.

This leads to a hilarious episode that features Natalya way out of her comfort zone. There are no designer clothes here, as she's forced to muck in and help out which includes all the chored you would expect from a farm. While it is far beyond her comfort zone, it does create compelling television.

7 The Shot Put

Some moments on Total Divas feel very real, whereas others do come across quite staged, and this was certainly the latter. However, that doesn't stop it from being hilarious. Anytime Jim Neidhart is involved in the show it is always going to lead to hilarious moments, as this proves.

He and Lana tend to get along like a house on fire and during one particular episode, he decides to teach her how to shot put. Because he has a professional history in the sport, the pair go outside to the street to practice.

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Of course, things go wrong. In what is a truly awful piece of acting, Lana launches the shot put into Natalya's car, which smashes it. As Nattie reacts furiously, Lana and Jim don't know what to do in the situation, leading to a hilarious moment.

6 Natalya's Rated-R Moments

Even though WWE's product might be PG the same cannot be said for Total Divas. That is certainly clear with some of Natalya's stories on the show, including her role-playing a "home invasion" fantasy, on television, without having pre-warned her husband.

As well as that, she attempts to shake-up her WWE character and visits an adult store during the show. She wants to become a dominatrix on WWE's PG show (who knows why), and this ends up with her hiring a dominatrix to come to her house.

This leads to an incredibly awkward, yet hilarious moment. She mistakes a certain toy for a cat toy, leading to some hilarious adult humor.

5 Nikki Is Sent A Nude

Speaking of non-PG moments...It's reality television folk! In reality, people do send nude photos and during one episode of Total Divas, Nikki Bella received one while at a meal. While you might be thinking, this could be from John Cena or a past-lover, it was in actual fact...her brother.

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This is what produced the hilarity of this moment. Her brother, JJ, who is showcased plenty of times throughout the show accidentally sends his own sister an image of his private area. Of course, this is hugely embarrassing for everyone involved and is hilarious to watch.

Meaning to send it to his wife, for some reason he ends up sending it to Nikki. Instead of quickly deleting it though, she makes the decision to then show the rest of the family the photos.

4 Dean Ambrose Chase

Renee Young and her husband, Dean Ambrose were only in the show for a season, but thankfully it created this golden moment. This is another example of something that did feel very staged, but either way, it was hilarious to watch.

Sat having a family meal with Renee's mother outside, some passer-by just so happened to steal the hat from the top of Renee's head. Obviously angry, Dean decides to jump out of the restaurant and actually chase this person all around the streets to get it back.

3 Lana's Pranks

Lana's inclusion to Total Divas was a great decision as she has added so much to the show. With drama seemingly just following her every step, she really has kept the show exciting at times. Whether it be arguing with her fellow wrestlers or her relationship with Rusev, it is simply too funny.

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One of the best things Lana does is constantly prank people. This is especially true on girls trips, and while things normally end up going way too far, it does create some hilarious moments. The time she and Naomi TP'd Natalya's room, for instance, was a perfect one.

Or, after her and Paige's fallout when they tricked the rest of the house into thinking they were having a legitimate fight, which led to them destroying their room.

2 Vincent's Tryout

One of the best people to have appeared on Total Divas is Cameron's partner, Vinny. Unfortunately, neither are part of the show anymore due to Cameron being released from WWE, but they produced some comedy gold during their run.

Vinny was a fairly jacked human, and during one episode he fancied his chances of becoming a professional wrestler. It all made sense given his partner's career, and so he ended up getting a WWE tryout at the Performance Center.

This is where the true comedy began as he stepped into a wrestling ring and tried his hand at things. He lasted for four minutes. That's not an exaggeration either, he worked for four minutes.

1 Brie Mode

This isn't one particular moment but is actually several different moments from the show. 'Brie Mode' has become a regular occurrence on Total Divas and it always leads to hilarious moments on the show as Brie Bella gets drunk beyond control.

While it doesn't happen all the time, as she is an athlete after all, when it does it really is worth it. While most of the group are funny when they get drunk, Brie takes it to a totally different level which leaves audiences in tears of laughter.

The best example is when she disturbed a sleeping Daniel Bryan, who doesn't drink, making the decision to try and handcuff him to the bed as he wonders what is happening is absolutely hilarious.

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