Total Divas: 10 Most Emotional Moments

Total Divas takes a look at the WWE and Women's Wrestling but it definitely has its fair share of emotional moments.

Total Divas may very well be all about the drama and the crazy world that is professional wrestling, but that doesn't mean things can't get emotional. After all, it is a reality-based television show, and in the real world, emotional moments take place.

While you can never be certain what is being played up to the cameras in shows like this, when it comes to emotion it's pretty clear. Raw emotion, sadness, and tough times are always clear and that is true with Total Divas.

Over the course of the show's history, there have been some pretty emotional moments. The wrestlers put their bodies on the line and have a lot going on, which has created some tearjerking moments for the audience. In this list, we will rank the 10 most emotional moments of all time.

10 Alexa Bliss' Eating Disorder

One of the most emotional moments from Total Divas came when Alexa Bliss chose to open up about her eating disorder. While she might be a top WWE Superstar now, Bliss actually nearly died from having a major eating disorder before becoming a wrestler.

On the show, she is shown in an interview openly discussing it as she breaks down and becomes incredibly emotional about it. The moment itself is heartbreaking, but it also goes to show that even the strongest women have tough times.

It's something that Total Divas is brilliant at, as the show always highlights issues to help other women in that same position.

9 Paige's Biggest Fan

While the women of Total Divas are just normal human beings, their jobs as WWE Superstars and reality stars allow them to become role models. They are able to influence their audience and have a positive impact on people who are going through hard times.

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As Paige is exiting a store, she just so happens to bump into one of her biggest fans. The young girl instantly breaks down crying, revealing how much Paige has helped her with an eating disorder.

Without ever having met the girl, Paige has clearly played a massive role in her life. The moment is incredibly powerful and highlights the positive impact reality television can have.

8 Dusty Rhodes

For non-wrestling fans watching, they might not have quite grasped the full emotional impact of this moment. However, from the sheer heartbreak of all the girls, it was pretty clear that the passing of Dusty Rhodes was an incredibly upsetting moment.

Dusty is a WWE legend and someone who played a big hand in helping the women's revolution. The group are simply enjoying a holiday in Mexico when the news breaks on the internet and it totally hits them all for six.

Hearing the news about someone dying is never an easy thing, especially when they've played a big part in your life. That is why this is such a raw emotional moment as it captures the girls' instant, natural reaction of pure heartbreak.

7 Ronda Remembered Her Father

Ronda Rousey is a brand new member of the show for the latest season, and she certainly brought plenty of emotion with it. Simply seeing the former UFC star in this style of a show was surprising enough, but she was a lot more open than people thought she would be.

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Rousey showed an emotional side to herself that fans weren't overly aware of, opening up about her past. What many fans don't know is Rousey lost her father at the age of eight, and in one episode she does become emotional as she remembers his life.

6 Death Threats

Sometimes, people do need to be reminded that 'celebrities' are real people, with emotions and feelings. On the latest season of Total Divas, that is exactly what the show did with Carmella who suffered some horrendous abuse online.

Carmella was ridiculed as a home-wrecker due to her new relationship with Corey Graves. She was sent abuse and even death threats on social media, which led to her breaking down on the show and being incredibly emotional.

Even though Graves was already in the process of getting divorced when they got together, it highlighted a major issue. People often don't think when they send abuse behind a keyboard, and Carmella showed how much it can hurt.

5 Nikki's Injury

Nikki Bella is one of the most important cast members from Total Divas, and there are many major moments of her life showcased on this show. One of those is the huge neck injury that almost ended her wrestling career and brought plenty of emotional moments for her.

While Total Divas likes to look at the real lives of these wrestlers, sometimes it is good to remind people what they do for a living. Wrestling is dangerous and injuries as serious as this are a perfect example of just how dangerous it can be.

Nikki goes through hell having to sit on the sidelines for major moments, in what is clearly a difficult period of her life.

4 Paige Retires

Paige goes through a rollercoaster of emotions on Total Divas throughout the show, but her toughest moments come when she's forced to retire. After a very difficult year due to personal videos and images being leaked online, the fact she is forced to quit wrestling only makes things harder.

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The show covers her retirement journey in great detail, not just focusing on the moment she announces it. Total Divas highlights all of the build-up to that during WrestleMania weekend, which is supposed to be the most exciting time.

However, due to the fact Paige knows she's retiring, she cannot enjoy the weekend. She slowly gets increasingly more emotional and eventually, it boils over in a very sad moment from the show.

3 Nia Jax's Body Image

Nia Jax totally breaks the stereotypical 'WWE Diva' in the best way possible. She's a plus-size woman and the show highlights that there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but that doesn't mean Nia always feels that way.

During a shopping trip with the Bella Twins, Nia Jax has a particularly upsetting breakdown over her confidence. Despite the fact she looks great, Nia begins to doubt herself and opens up about her history of being bullied and issues with her self-confidence.

Thankfully, she is able to overcome those concerns in the episode, but that doesn't stop this from being a heartbreaking moment.

2 Daniel Bryan Breaks Down

Obviously, he's not a Diva, but due to being married to Brie Bella he is shown and Bryan has become beloved by fans of the show due to his kindhearted nature.

That is why this is one of the most emotional moments of the show's history. After being forced to retire due to injury, the show covers how Bryan deals with the news and it is clear he is struggling. However, he tries to keep it together for as long as possible.

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But, in one episode, Bryan finally lets it all go and completely breaks down in a massively emotional and real moment. It's heartbreaking to watch as it's clear how much it means and how hard his mental health has been hit by it.

1 Jim Neidhart's Funeral

It must have taken a lot of courage for Natalya to allow this moment to be filmed for Total Divas. A funeral is always going to be an emotional moment to showcase simply due to how personal and upsetting it is, but this was particularly sad.

Not only was Jim Neidhart a huge WWE legend, but he had been shown to be an amazing father. All the way through Total Divas, Jim was featured heavily on the show and was one of the funniest non-cast members that the show has ever had.

Natalya and Jim shared a very special bond, and that's what made this so heartbreaking. Jim was her role model, her best friend, and her father and seeing Nattie give a eulogy to her father was without a doubt the most emotional moment the show has provided.

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