15 Steamy Photos Of The Cast Of Total Divas

For anyone who remembers WWF in the 1990s, it was a show on television where two, sometimes four, people came into a ring and fought each other in a beautifully choreographed way. Today the company is called WWE, which stands for World Wrestling Entertainment and it has grown far beyond a once-a-week wrestling show. They've even branched out as a film studio that boasts approximately fifty films, ranging from The Marine franchise to Jingle All The Way 2 and Surfs Up 2.

The studio also puts out more television these days. There are now over fifty countries getting WWE programing plus Pay-per-view events. In the US alone, four shows play throughout the week from Mondays to Thursdays. The WWE has content on USA, E!, and has even expanded to the online television market through Hulu. These wrestlers truly have become superstars. However, it isn’t all about the guys anymore.

The women's popularity in the WWE is at an all-time high. They are no longer just eye candy, but excellent wrestlers who have their own individual personas. The women are strong, beautiful, charismatic stars ,who are not afraid to show the audience what they are about. The WWE knows this too. They have developed a show called Total Divas, which is currently in its seventh season. The show depicts their daily lives, as well as their relationships. These beautiful women are not afraid to bare it all for the show.

Here are the 15 Steamy Photos Of The Cast Of Total Divas.

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15 Paige's Backstage Selfie

Saraya-Jade Bevis, also known as Paige, is a British wrestler who made her televised WWE debut in February of 2012. She has been a force to be reckoned with ever since. After FCW was rebranded by the WWE, Paige went on an undefeated streak and her popularity began to grow.

Her streak was ended after suffering a shoulder injury, but she overcame to win the NXT Women’s Championship. In 2014, Paige debuted on Raw and she won her first match against the current champion, AJ Lee. Paige became the youngest Diva’s champion at only 21.

Paige went on a medical leave in 2016, but she was suspended shortly after due to not complying with the WWE’s wellness policy. Paige returned in late 2017 and is now one third of the wresting group, Absolution, alongside Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville.

14 Swimming With Eva Marie

Eva Marie is originally from California, where as a kid she dreamed of becoming a professional soccer player. These plans ended after suffering an ankle injury in her senior year of high school. With diminished confidence in herself, she let her eligibility to play college soccer run out.

Eva came across a casting call for WWE and quickly earned herself a contract. The timing could not have been better, due to the fact that the WWE was also putting out a new show that would follow the Divas off-screen.

After only two weeks of formal training, Eva was placed on the main roster and she skyrocketed in popularity and crowd support. She has since separated herself from the WWE, announcing that she will not return for Total Divas or to the ring. She announced in August of 2017 that she had parted ways with the WWE.

13 Natalya's Hotel Room Selfie

Natalie Katherine Neidhart-Wilson, or Natalya, is a Canadian-American wrestler and is the first third-generation female wrestler in the world. After many years of training, Natalya debuted on the main roster of the WWE in 2008.

Natalya, along with her husband and cousin, established the Hart Dynasty. Natalya won the Divas Championship in a two-on-one match against the co-champions Lay-Cool, in 2010. She then went on to compete in the first ever women’s tables, ladders, and chairs match.

Natalya has since become a villain of the WWE, turning on two of the women she was mentoring and creating the Divas of Doom. After experiencing a losing streak, Natalya hit yet another milestone. She did this by being the first woman to hold the Divas Championship and the SmackDown Women’s Championship at the same time.

12 12.Brie Bella's Yoga Workout

The youngest of the Bella twins by six minutes, Brie Bella was born in California. The WWE was not Brie’s first time on television, as she made her first national appearance on a show called Meet My Folks.

The show featured three bachelors or bachelorettes who spent three nights in the family home of a a potential suitor, spending time with their parents and even undergoing a lie detector test. After this, both Bella twins were chosen as the World Cup Twins by Budweiser.

Brie’s first SmackDown appearance was in 2008, where she won her very first match. Along with her sister, Brie has been a hero and a villain in the WWE and has won several titles along the way. Brie has been a Total Divas staple over the years, appearing in more episodes than any other Diva.

11 Nikki Bella Football Fan

Although she was born 6 minutes before her twin sister, Nikki was the second of the two to debut on SmackDown. Brie Bella appeared first, but it was revealed that Nikki was hiding under the ring to help her sister. Once Nikki was found, the Bella Twins were reunited and the Divas were never the same.

Nikki is a two-time Divas Champion and is the current record holder for the longest reigning champion in history. Although her methods were less than legal in some cases, she remained the champion for 301 days.

Shortly after losing her title, Nikki went on hiatus due to a neck injury and she even had to have surgery. She returned in August 2016 and has been a force ever since. Nikki has been a regular in the ring, on Total Divas, and on her own show called Total Bellas. Her fiancé, John Cena, may have ever-growing fame, but this girl doesn’t quit.

10 Surfs Up Naomi

Naomi, whose real name is Trinity, was a cheerleader and a dancer for the Orlando Magic. She was also a background dancer for Flo Rida before she turned to professional wrestling. Her first on air wrestling appearance came on the show NXT in 2010, where she worked under the pro Kelly Kelly.

On her first episode of the show she won two competitions and a tag team wrestling match. Naomi first appeared on Raw as a backup dancer for Brodus Clay on a team known as the Funkadactyls.

Her second televised event was a title match and even though she lost, she showed her tenacity and physical ability. Naomi continues to be a strong presence in the ring and on Total Divas, but she has also released a hit single. This girl can do it all.

9 Lana's Pink Dress

Lana, whose real name is Catherine Perry, was born in Florida. However, she moved to Latvia as a child due to her father being a missionary. Lana wanted to be a ballet dancer from an early age and she danced with the Latvian National Ballet at the age of 14.

She then returned to the US at age 17. Lana enrolled in Florida State University and became one of the Florida State Cowgirls, which allowed her to later become a model and a Red Bull girl through college. After she graduated, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting.

Lana was part of a female music group known as No Means Yes under Ne-Yo’s record label, which lasted one year. She then worked as a backup dancer until joining the WWE in 2013. She is currently the Smackdown Women’s Singles Champion.

8 Maryse Ouellet


Maryse is a French-Canadian Wrester who was born in Quebec. Although she made the final cut on WWE Diva Search in 2006, she didn't manage to win the competition. She was then invited to one of the WWE’s development centers and officially signed on to the WWE in late 2006.

Her first SmackDown appearance was on the TitanTron, welcoming viewers from Montreal by speaking French. Her next appearance would not be in a ring battle either, as she ended up on Raw to present the music video for Timbaland’s “Throw It on Me”.

When she became a SmackDown regular, she was a villain with a bad attitude. Maryse became the Divas Champion in 2008 and reigned until 2010, when she lost to Eve Torres. Now she can be seen on Total Divas.

7 Renee Young Tomb Raider

Renee is a Canadian Wrestler who aspired to be a comedic actress. Before becoming a wrestler, she worked as a host of Right After Wresting on The Score Television Network, in Canada. Renee moved to the WWE in 2012, but she kept her previous job of interviewing the wresters on SmackDown and NXT.

She worked her way up to becoming a full-time announcer, which made her the first, full-time female WWE announcer in over ten years. In 2015, she earned her own show that was called Unfiltered with Renee Young, which still airs on the WWE Network.

Renee is a well-rounded and experienced host on her own shows, but she is also amazing when she isn’t in control on Total Divas. Renee appeared on seasons one through five of the show and became a main cast member in season six.

6 Alexa Bliss Or Harley Quinn

Born in Columbus, Ohio, Alexa was very active in sports at an early age. She played softball, ran track, competed in gymnastics and kickboxing, and even did some bodybuilding. She later revealed that bodybuilding helped her overcome an eating disorder. She joined WWE’s development show NXT in 2013, but left due to an injury.

Alexa returned to NXT in 2015 and quickly became a villain. She went on to fight in several NXT battles, including title matches, but she was never able to gain the belt. However in 2016, she was then drafted to SmackDown where she became the Women’s Champion from 2016 to 2017.

She was then drafted to Raw in a Stuperstar Shake-up where she became the Raw Women’s Champion and the first wrestler to win both Women’s Championships. She lost her Raw title for eight days, but quickly gained it back and currently holds the record for the longest time with the title.

5 The All American Mandy Rose

Mandy Rose started her WWE career as a contestant on Tough Enough, where she placed second. From there, she went on to WWE’s wrestler development show NXT and debuted in a six person tag team match, which her team lost.

She also competed in a singles match on NXT that she also lost. This would turn out to be her last match on the show. Mandy then appeared on Raw in 2017, where she worked with two other women to attack the Raw Women’s champion, Alexa Bliss, solidifying Mandy's place as a villain.

A month after her debut, she competed in her first Raw tag-team match, which her team would go on to win. Mandy continues to build a fan base on Raw and she is a main cast member in season five of Total Divas.

4 Carmella Is Fabulous

Before wrestling, Carmella was a cheerleader for the New England Patriots for three years and a dancer for the Los Angeles Lakers for two years. In 2013, she earned a contract with the WWE and went on to develop her skills at NXT. Carmella became a villain on NXT, even winning her first match.

However, her villain life was short lived. Carmella became a fan favorite when she was shown to be a strong woman, rejecting villainous male wrestlers. Although she had the support of her fans behind her, she was never able to grab the NXT title.

In 2016, Carmella joined SmackDown where she won her debut match. She returned to the villain’s side by attacking Nikki Bella before a match. Carmella then started a feud with Nikki and went on to experience a losing streak. However after the feud ended, Carmella went on a winning streak and won the first ever women’s Money in the Bank ladder match.

3 Nia Jax’s Bathroom Selfie

Nia was born in Australia, but moved to Hawaii at a young age. Before she became a wrestler, she played college basketball for Palomar College and was a plus-size model. In 2014, she signed a contract with the WWE and went on to develop atNXT.

She won her first match under the name Nia Jax in October of 2014 and experienced solid a winning streak. Alas, her winning streak had to come to an end and she never earned the NXT title. She later moved on to Raw.

Once there, she continued her tradition of winning her first match and going on a winning spree. Similarly, the spree was cut short prior to her gaining any titles. After several number one contender and championship losses, Jax is still hungry for a title.

2 The Bella Twins

The Bella Twins first tried their hand at wrestling in 2006, where they participated in the WWE Diva Search. A year later, the twins were able to land a contract with WWE. They spent a year at a development center until 2008, when they made their SmackDown debut.

Brie appeared first with it later being revealed that Nikki hid under the ring to help her sister win matches. When Brie was tired she would roll under the ring and Nikki would finish the match.

The two have been an integral part of the WWE in recent years, with Brie’s marriage to Daniel Bryan and Nikki’s engagement to John Cena being big story lines. Nikki suffered a neck injury that required surgery and Brie retired due to family reasons. However, the two returned for the 25th Anniversary of Raw.

1 Total Divas Cast Pool Party

Total Divas originally aired in 2013 and has been a hit on E! ever since. The cast tends to go by their real names as opposed to their ring names. Although the show does have somewhat of a revolving door system, with cast members coming and going; Brie Bella, Nikki Bella, and Natalya have been main cast members for all seven seasons.

Additionally, Divas such as Lana and Alexa Bliss have been part of the main cast and appeared as guest stars, throughout the years. The show revolves around the women of the WWE, showing that they are not only beautiful, but also tough and intelligent.

These women are threats on all fronts and they aren’t afraid to show it.


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