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Starz miniseries Torchwood: Miracle Day

While humanity is currently plagued with the ultimate conclusion of death, the July 8 premiere of Torchwood: Miracle Day will serve to change everything, as dying will no longer be a factor in the lives of human beings.

The mysterious members of Torchwood have returned (well, some of them), but this time there is no fantastical alien seeking to engulf the human race. Instead, Captain Jack and Gwen (along with some newly enlisted American comrades) must save the world from what many believe is a blessing – the prospect of living forever.

Following the hit 2009 miniseries Torchwood: Children of Earth, long-time doubters of Doctor Who revivalist Russell T. Davies were once again shown that, while the famed scribe’s Time Lord adventures may have become stale, Davies still has a wealth of brilliant stories waiting to be told. And, from the look of this recently released behind-the-scenes video, Torchwood: Miracle Day may very well be his opus.

You can view the video below:


With glimpses of intense action from the miniseries’ stable of impressive actors, it may be hard for some to truly see the brilliance contained within this 13-episode installment of the hit BBC series.

Fortunately, speaking as someone who has had the pleasure of viewing the first three episodes, I can tell you that not only is Torchwood: Miracle Day this summer’s must-watch series, but it may very well be the catalyst that serves to change the landscape of American television forever.

Since viewers are used to the trend of ominous series presenting mysterious circumstances with the promise of an explanation sometime in the future, Torchwood: Miracle Day is the breath of fresh air that the television medium needs. With a storyline more intriguing than FlashFoward, The Event and (perhaps) even Lost, Davies encapsulates this extremely rich and in-depth plot all within 13 episodes – no need to worry about cancelation or lackluster cliffhangers.

While the notion of humanity no longer dying certainly draws the attention of all that hear about it, you can't truly appreciate how far Davies has taken this ingenious storyline until it is witnessed with your own eyes.

…and witness it you must.


Torchwood: Miracle Day premieres July 8 on Starz

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