'Torchwood: Miracle Day' Finale Preview - What Is The Blessing?

Rex, Eve and Jack prepare for the torchwood miracle day finale

The end is nigh for the latest Torchwood series, Miracle Day. With the ten-episode miniseries ending on Friday, fans are left with many questions and few answers. One thing's for sure: Captain Jack and company are pulling out all the stops for the finale.

Warning: Major Torchwood: Miracle Day spoilers follow!

Last Friday's penultimate episode jumped the Miracle Day timeline forward two months, into a world thrown into depression and on the verge of global despotism after the true nature of the Category system became known. Captain Jack Harkness is recovered (though still frustratingly mortal) and on the run with Esther. Meanwhile, Eve is laying low with her family in Wales trying to keep her "mostly dead" father away from the goose-stepping authorities, and Rex is back at CIA headquarters, continuing to unravel the conspiracy surrounding the Miracle, the Three Families, and the Blessing.

The end of the episode sees the gang back in the unenviable company of pedophile/celebrity Oswald Danes (guest star Bill Pullman), launching separate investigations in Buenos Aires and Shanghai. They're trying to finally discover what the Blessing is and what it has to do with Jack - though it would appear that the enigmatic PR gal Jilly Kitzinger already knows.

Want to know what happens next? Join the club. In the meantime, check out Starz' one-minute preview of "The Blood Line" below:


While it's obvious that the Blessing and the Miracle have something to do with the formerly invulnerable Captain Jack's blood, the three families and "morphic resonance", the Torchwood writers have saved the all-important reveal for the very last moment - though the finale title aught to give a significant hint. The forthcoming explanation (or lack thereof) will likely color the entire miniseries and fans' impression of it, for better or worse.

Torchwood climbed in the US ratings last week, despite widespread power and cable service outages on the east coast due to Hurricane Irene. That's a good sign for fans who want to see more of the show; while we know Russell T. Davies isn't actively pursuing a fifth series just yet, the recent agreement between Starz and the BBC definitely points to more of the Doctor Who spin-off in the future.

For those of you who need to catch up, Starz will be playing a marathon of the nine previous Torchwood: Miracle Day episodes, starting at noon on Labor Day, September 5th.


Torchwood: Miracle Day concludes Friday night at 10PM. Screen Rant will post a review shortly thereafter. Feel free to discuss spoilers and theories in the comments section - DVR watchers, consider yourself warned!

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