Comic-Con: Torchwood & Being Human Panels

This Comic-Con panel was split into two segments with Being Human up first.  Participants for Being Human panel included the Lenora Crichlow, Toby Whitehouse, Russell Tovey & Aidan Turner.

Being Human is about a vampire named Mitchell (Turner), a werewolf named George (Tovey), and a ghost named Annie (Crichlow). It's about these three souls trying to understand themselves and fit into society in the process.

The first vision of Being Human was a sitcom but that later evolved into the supernatural show that it is today.

Russell Tovey was connected to the script by how it's rooted in humanity.

Lenora Crichlon: her character is a very fresh take on a ghost.  She's trapped in the house she died in.

Russell Tovey started a wave in the auditorium, fulfilling a personal dream of his!

The real ordeal of the story is the human aspect of each of their own issues, while trying to also concentrate on helping each other out with their issues.

George thinks he's the only werewolf out there.  He's surprised to meet the man who turned him into one.

George is also the most human of the three, because he will age, get grey hair, etc..

Mitchell has had longer to deal with his own condition of being a vampire.

Annie wants to discover how she died, she thinks she'll be able to move on.  In the season, she figures things on but doesn't pass on, so now she has to start looking at what else she has to sort out to move on.

George tries to pretend he doesn't have this werewolf condition.  By the end of the first series, he adjusts and starts to use it.

Mitchell goes through the process with his own humanity and is in constant conflict, not only with himself, but with other vampires.

Each episode ties into a different human analogy.

Series two will start filming when they get back from this trip. Will series 2 be action oriented or story based?

An interesting twist to the tale is how they're treating the vampire Mitchell.  Since there have been so many takes on what a vampire is, they were able to cherry pick their type of vampire.  With that, they've focused on the idea that Mitchell's need for blood is more a mental or emotional one and he doesn't necessarily need blood to survive.


Torchwood Panel

The Torchwood panel included the brilliant Russell T Davies, John Barrowman, Euros Lyn & Julie Gardner.

They previewed the 5 days of the Torchwood: Children Of Earth (CoE) mini-series.

Unfortunately, a lot of conversation revolved around CoE since it aired last week.  With that in mind, I've split up the conversation to include spoilers in one section, and non-spoilers in another.  It may seem a little out of whack, but I'm thinking of you, the Screen Rant reader.

American audiences have taken to the show like ducks in water, considering how well the ratings have done.

SPOILERS BEGIN HERE: (Click to Jump Past Spoilers).








We never got a clear look at the creature because so many different shows have lots of different creatures.  This alone inspired them to keep the alien shrouded out of sight.  It worked out rather well.

Frobisher was awesome, Lois Habiba was fantastic and an open question was put out if we'll see more of Lois?  Davies said that he can't say but he would love to work with her again.

When Barrowman read the script for ToE, he went "wow" at all the history and secrets revealed.  He was worried that no one would like him any more after some of the harsh decisions he had to make in those 5 days of the mini-series.

His take was that Jack Harkness is right and did all the right things. The necessary things.

It turned out that the audience still likes Captain Jack regardless of the choices made by him.

He did remind everyone that people die young in Torchwood because of the sacrifices that need to be made.

In the mini-series it was noted how Captain Jack had to suffer, and it prepared him for the end choices he had to make.

On John Fobisher being a great character, the idea behind what created his role was that he was just a middle man in a suit and he's been in that suit for 40 years in a situation that went from miserable to worse.







The first inquiring fan asked if she could get a hug but Barrowman said if he hugged her, he'd have to hug everyone.

This isn't the first time Barrowman has been at Comic-Con and he said he's a geek like everyone else.

Euros Lyn said it's a fantastic experience to get everyone's feedback at Comic-Con.

After one particular episode ended, Barrowman jumped on Twitter to see what folk were saying.

No one at BBC anticipated this kind of success that Torchwood: CoE has had.

Davies doesn't write episodes to appeal to both America and the U.K..  He just writes.

The roles for Jack seem to always involve him having unique clothing.  What would he like wearing in his next role?  Wish he could tell you, because he's done military, drag queen and even naked and pretty much covers the gamut.

Someone asked about the possibility of a musical episode, but it was noted that the characters of Torchwood don't lend themselves to a musical episode.  Though the audience seemed interested in that.

I have to say that Barrowman was pretty animated on the panel and he pretty much stole the show.  It was awesome to see both Barrowman and Davies in person.

So I have to wonder.  Were there any Screen Rant readers there in the panel?  And did you get to the microphone to ask a question?  I only ask that because I'm getting surprised at just how many of you hit the panels and got a turn at the microphones!

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