Fox Developing U.S. ‘Torchwood’ With Original Team

In a decision that will either be regarded as brilliant or absolutely mad, it has been announced that Fox is developing its own version of the cult BBC show (and Doctor Who spin-off), Torchwood.

What could make this decision brilliant is that instead of making a mess of things (ala ABC’s Life on Mars), Fox is not only producing the show with BBC Worldwide Productions, but the original creator (Russell T. Davies) is set to write the script with the original production team (Julie Gardner and Jane Tranter) in tow.

Now, before any fans get riled up and start screaming that Fox (or Davies) is going to ruin their favorite show, there’s one more thing that could make this decision brilliant. Word is that John Barrowman, Captain Jack Harkness himself, may star in the U.S. version if Fox decides to order a pilot.

My thoughts? Oh, he better star in it! John Barrowman is Captain Jack and makes Torchwood what it is. Also, you’re messing with some Doctor Who stuff as well and I’m not going to have the network that brought us the “hilarious” television comedy Brothers mess with Doctor Who… and that’s just the start of why this might not go well.

There’s also the fact that Torchwood is already a show that’s been running for many years. They can’t exactly go back and retell the story from beginning, but they can’t pick it up after the events of “Children of Earth” either. So, they’re going to have to walk the fine line of appeasing old fans while being able to bring in new ones. Not exactly something Davies is known for.

They’ve also decided to change up the storyline to that of a more global setting instead of trying to make American audiences believe that everything alien occurs in Wales.

In case you don't know what Torchwood is, I'll refrain from scolding you and will instead show you the trailer for the amazing "Children of Earth."


While I’m still up in the air whether this will be good or bad, I have a feeling that this was the only way Torchwood could go on. BBC was already a little weary of the show and that’s why they only had five episodes in their third season. I guess the only way to salvage the show would be to share the cost with an American counterpart. I’m completely comfortable with that reasoning.

I’m just a little worried about what RTD (Russell T. Davies) might do with a big budget. There’s also the fact that David Tennant’s new show Rex Is Not Your Lawyer might be up against a Doctor Who spin-off. Guess you just can’t get away from Doctor Who.

After RTD’s Doctor Who finale, do you think he’s up for a U.S. Torchwood series? Is this a good decision by Fox? They’ve not exactly been kind to shows of this nature. Would you watch this if Barrowman wasn’t involved? If you have to choose between Torchwood and Rex Is Not Your Lawyer, which show will you tune into?

Source: Hollywood Reporter (via Slash Film)

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