Top 10 Horror Movies You've (Probably) Never Seen

Peeping Tom Michael Powell

The one bad thing about Psycho was that it was so good it overshadowed Peeping Tom - that other 1960 horror movie about a serial killer voyeur with psychologically abusive parents who murders the women he's attracted to. Cinema Studies classes all over the planet are screening this film because it deals, in large part, with the voyeuristic nature of the cinema. One of the film's biggest proponents, Martin Scorcese, has said that it contains just about all a director needs to know on the subject of filmmaking. Fledgling directors, take note.

Peeping Tom, directed by Michael Powell, follows Mark Lewis (Carl Boehm), a man who, in his childhood, was subjected to psychological tests by his father on the subject of fear, which his father also filmed. Now an adult, Mark connects sex, life, fear, and death with the camera apparatus itself, and he kills women he's attracted to with the knife-edged tripod attached to his camera as he films them. Oh, he also attaches a mirror to his camera so the women he's killing - with, again, the bladed tripod attached to his camera - can see the fear on their own faces as they die. This guy has thought of everything.

To some, the movie might seem tame by today's standards, but at the time it was practically banned from theaters and pretty much ruined Powell's career as a film director. It's a shame, too. Who knows what the man could've done had he been rewarded in the same way Alfred Hitchcock was for Psycho?

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